Memory prices coming down?

Got this in the inbox today from micro center. Looks like memory is returning to a reseaonable level.

Damn, about two weeks ago I paid $209 on NewEgg for that same G.Skill memory.

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Yeah, they’re dropping slightly it seems. Effects of crypto crash?

Maybe the China trade deal

Whatever is causing the price drop it is long past due. Hopefully the trend continues.



Any chance that could carry into graphics card prices down the road? That would be nice.


I grabbed a twin pack of 16 Gb to add to the existing 16 Gb and found I saved 50£ in a matter of months for the exact same Ram :thinking:

Slower demand, over production, looks like lower prices. Majority of manufacturing is South Korea, so the extra tariff for Chinese stuff that people from the US are paying isn’t it, even if that was to go (which it hasn’t).


Let’s not get carried away. That’s a sale not lower prices.

Newegg prices look lower also. I think the c note range for 16gb of ddr4 3000+ ram is definitely back in the realistic price range. Hope they stay this way for a while.


I think I paid $90 for that lpx vengeance kit two years ago.

Edit: Yup I did. June of 17.

On Black Friday it was going for like 160 or something.

don’t forget there was an investigation into price fixing from manufacturers as well. it was then the prices started to fall


Global Warming?

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My local computer store chain has lower DDR3 prices now, where as a few months ago they were almost as bad as DDR4.

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what do yall think about this memory kit? currently i have 16gb of ddr43000 lpx vengeance posted above. This is 3200, probably unnoitceable speed increase, but 16gb more of ram.

Pull the trigger.

It’s been pulled! In a strange turn of events, I ended up getting 32gbs of DDR4 3200 for $175.

I’d say the prices are back down.

When I got there they had an open box kit for $175. So I bought it, but luckily I inspected it in the car before leaving. It was actually ddr3 sticks with a ddr4 label on it. So I took it back in and they gave me a brand new kit for the open box price.


Not bad, Gunny!