Meta’s $24.99 monthly pay later plan covers the Quest 3 and Quest Plus

Might be attractive for somebody on a budget or who’s just interested in dipping their toe in…

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I’m surprised the Quest 3 isn’t priced much higher than the 2 was. With the exchange rate as bad as it is I wonder if the upgrade would be worth it. so far the only issue I have with the 2 is Link going stuttery for 1-2 seconds every half hour or so.

The 3 is lighter, more comfortable and slightly noticeably better, visually. Other than my phone, it is my most appreciated bit of tech.


I just wish it played a little better with MSFS using the link cable… It seems that there is no perfect headset for all the sims….

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Using my Q2 with the link cable for MSFS was how I hoped DCS was going to be. Two extra key strokes, one to enable/disable VR, and one to recenter, and off we go.

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It’s surprised me to find that the connection seems to be better when using wireless , especially with virtual desktop.

I’m going to have to try Virtual Desktop again. I was finding that the connection wasn’t reliable, but maybe a simple router reset will solve that.

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I tried both the in-house and payware app for the wireless connection and couldn’t deal with the latency or 480p streaming in certain lighting conditions–usually shadows and night.