Meta says fewer Quest 3s are gathering dust – is VR’s biggest issue a thing

Can it finally be true?

Well…it was never MY problem! :rofl:


“less bulky and comfier-to-wear design”

As a Samsung Odyssey owner, I definitely can say that I don’t like to wear it because it’s uncomfy and dealing with the cable sucks. Haven’t worn it in ages.

Make VR sets lighter, effortless, peek-through capable and users will come.

Oh and affordable. (Looking at :apple:)


As a former Odyssey owner, I can say that despite its brightness and great colors, the Odyssey was the most uncomfortable headset ever, and the sweet spot was ridiculously small.

And don’t even get me started on the controllers and battery life!

Hated it.

It doesn’t even belong on the same planet as the Quest 3.

So we just solved Facebooks and Apples and Valves problem:

Make it comfortable and it will sell.

The mudspike institute of consumer opinions is pretty clear about that. :grinning:


Oh, and WMR sucked :smiley:


Odyssey+ hurt the crown of my head and chaffed my forehead something terrible. The Quest 2 with a silcone pad over the foam is something I can wear for hours, except it tends to slide downwards a bit after a while.