METAR and TAF bots

While pondering existence at work today, wondering if this guy doing a presentation in the room was just going to put a huge number of text bullet points in powerpoint while slowly reading verbatim in a monotone voice all day, I saw that @TheAlmightySnark did something neat with his nice watch. Here it is:

Now we have the @dicebot, which was well used by @wheelsup_cavu to the extent that most of the die are now round pebbles, so I thought I’d add (drum roll)

:cloud_lightning: METAR bot (and his sidekick TAF bot :cloud_rain: ). All say hello to @wxbot! (quiet and disorganized awkward reply: ‘hello’).

To use them just ask the weather at a ICAO location. Like this text in a chat or post (use square brackets for real):


Which (hopefully) goes and finds out and says this:

@fearlessfrog METAR raw report: CYVR 272200Z 13008KT 15SM -RA FEW008 FEW030 SCT055 BKN065 OVC078 12/10 A2981 RMK CF1SC1SC2SC3AC1 VIS N 12SM SLP096.

You can also use TAF for weather forecasts too.

To parse the METAR format (something I was learning myself anyway) you can use this:

So one important question is ‘Why? This isn’t really that useful. Why on earth add it here, it doesn’t really do anything useful?’

That is an excellent question. Thanks for asking.


The post still needs to have more than 10 chars: @EinsteinEP METAR raw report: KTUS 272253Z 08005KT 10SM CLR 35/05 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP106 T03500050.

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Is it going to continue to rain forever? @fearlessfrog TAF is confused. Error was: Station Lookup Error: TAF not found for CYPK (1).

Ok is it going to rain where people actually live? @fearlessfrog TAF raw report: TAF CYXX 271738Z 2718/2818 20012KT P6SM BKN040 OVC080 TEMPO 2718/2805 3SM -RA BR BKN012 OVC040 BECMG 2802/2804 VRB03KT FM280500 04005KT P6SM OVC030 TEMPO 2805/2810 4SM BR OVC020 FM281000 04005KT P6SM BKN030 BKN050 RMK NXT FCST BY 280000Z.

Oh yes it is! I’ll still have to get my “official” forecast from approved weather sources…but it is a nice quick hitter feature for me… :smiley:


Wonder what the weather is like for [METAR CYFC]

Did it break me?

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Not sure let me try as well :slight_smile:

@fearlessfrog METAR raw report: CYFC 280000Z AUTO 06006KT 9SM CLR 01/M03 A3051 RMK SLP334.

Hmm, it doesn’t like you @Fridge - not sure why as yet though. Don’t take it personally. :slight_smile:

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@einsteinep METAR report: SPECI KALD 272104Z 22099G99KT 0SM +BLVAFU OVC000 15K/M02 A9999 RMK DEATH STAR


He just did the post apocalyptical weather report of his dreams!

LOL; wouldn’t look bad in a Fall Out game! :smiley:

Those are just typical Phoenix temps. source: Tucsonan

Mine works too :wink: thanks for the help frog!