Meteor - Defender of the Fleet on 12" LP vinyl



What the …?

“Official Module Soundtrack”. I wonder if that’s a first.

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Was checking this again as I didn’t get it the first time I saw it… lol… like 1x12" and 180g of what !! ??

Then I went and updated the title of this thread :slight_smile: ( I hate clickbaits :wink: )

You can listen to the whole thing on the cassette player in the Tomcat. It’s awesome :slight_smile:

Oh man… Has it really been that long since the days of the record player that ’vinyl’ doesn’t cover it anymore. I’m oooold! :astonished:

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It was long for sure :slight_smile: but it was that vinyl what didnt hit me right off the bat.
That things were called LPs around here.

When Diggers Factory announced they would print a limited edition Vinyl record of Meteors Soundtrack for the DCS: F-14 Tomcat, by Heatblur, I just had to get it. I don’t even own a record player these days, but just the fact that there is a record of a Flightsim Soundtrack was enough.
Looks cool too! I think I’ll frame it :slight_smile:


That’s awesome