MFD display question

I have two MFD and would like some ideas on how you have them attached to your desk.
I have the Virpil Throttle (with a virpil mount) and X56 Joystick (with a Mezza mount) clamped to my desk.
I would like to have the MFD also clamped to the desk (or better yet clamped to the top of each mount) but have not been able to figure out a way of doing so. I would like each MFD to be close to the mounts as possible to limit the arm travel. I would not like to have them on the desk surface if possible.

I have searched on-line, but have not found anyone that supports either mounts with a solution.

So if you have jerryriged a way of attaching the MFD’s I would like to get some ideas…Pictures are worth a 1000 words…

P.S. I am not a welder, don’t have CAD drawing experience so not looking for something that is fabricated with metal.

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I have a pair of these for my MonsterTech deskmount for the stick… would this work with the Mezza mount you have?

that woud work for the mezz mounts…but won’t work for the virpil

I do see what I would need, but when I add it to the cart, even though it is priced in CAD $ it comes out in Euros. With the exchange that is two and half times the original price.

Exchange rates can really bump the prices up, not to mention import taxes etc.

Here is my setup.


Yeah…that is what I like…