MFD readability thing

I cribbed this from the ED forum, as it’s too good to be buried in a :wine_glass:thread.

Post - F-16 MFD Readability - Page 7 - Wish List - ED Forums
Zip file direct -

Edit: just gave it a shot. I hope it dont break multiplayer compatibility because its good!

thanks @admin for fixing my hamfisted linkage!


What is it? Pressing the link on my phone gives me a blank page.

Edit: ah it’s a zip download! I have about 8 downloaded on my phone lol

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Patch to make the F-16’s MFDs alot more readable as ED hasn’t implemented the brightness and contrast controls for them yet (it’s in progress). They are by default very hard to read, with low contrast and brightness.

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I see! Yeah they are very dull.

well, they aren’t anymore if you pour the content of the .zip into it. They become almost too sharp and clear. I hope ED pick up on it. It’s a much needed improvement.