Mi-24 "Revanch" (Revenge) Campaign

This one is FREE and in your Mi-24 campaign queue already. I flat loved it! There’s no sugar-coating that you are a Russian engaging Georgians who are most likely fighting the good cause. A year ago this would have made it unplayable for me. Now I’ve just decided to accept the world for what it is. The campaign lacks some of the refinement and better voice acting of Reflected and others but it delivers in a very plausible and tight battlefield. There is so much happening within view of the player. No TacView review needed. Just look out your window and see goodies and baddies duking it out just hundreds of yards away. Missiles and tracers and jets (good and bad) are everywhere. But most of it is relevant to our tasking. So it doesn’t feel like background. It feels spontaneous and reactive. Only when you are forced to replay the mission does the heavy scripting become apparent. The campaign is a quick 10 missions and proof that sometimes simple is best.