Mi-8...back in the saddle

Been a loooong time since I cranked up this module. So long that I had to go through the tutorial lessons again…which reminded me how cool the Mi-8 is…and what a great job Belsimtek did with it. And as far as VR goes - it feels like you could play a bit of handball in the cockpit of that thing. It is perfect for VR with the 3 cockpit positions…and so beautiful…

Looking forward to starting the new Mi-8 campaign…I’ll be posting up an article about it (for better or worse…)


Been flying this one a lot myself as well. It really is a beautifully done module.

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I think this is hands down my favorite module… It has so many wonderful aspects, I am particularly fond of Dopplering my way round the country side hugging to ground to then pop up close to my LZ!


I just realized that with VR I’ll be able to put my face in that fan! :slight_smile:

You people and that little fan… There’s even a functional space heather for the sods in the back… But noooo, a stupid fan is what you all want.

When it was first implemented there was this MLG Airhorn 360 no scope video for the fan but I unfortunately cannot find it. Please use your imagination and include it in this reply.


Those lucky sods!


My first love in DCS as well. The Huey was my first sim helo but this was definitely my first rotor love. Been flying too much M2000, X-Plane and Elite lately to make time for her, should get back to doing the campaign.


Long time ago I bought this chopper on Steam full price and I have about 1hour flight time with her since then, shame! Hopefully this year…

hip is currently on top of my wishlist, but the il2 bodwnplatte stuff just gone and murdered my gaming money for the rest of the season.


As I already finished my journey to Xmas island I think I will be posting now some screens here :slight_smile:

Any tips I can pass on just ask if your stuck :slight_smile:


So, here we go


and practicing some more

This was the Free Flight mission, so I decided to follow the other Hip to practice the formation flight. Landed successfully

Then I decided to practice the autorotations. This was my most successful attempt without RTFM - clean cut :slight_smile:
@Cib, feel free to shift over some hindts

Btw did you notice that it is impossible to damage tail rotor? At least after contact with building. I would bet that I hit the tower with tail rotor and Hip just bumped and continued to fly as nothing happened.
So I did a test - tail rotor vs building - and except some scratches on the concrete wall there was nothing other damaged, Hip took off like new

Anyhow great fun.

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Biggest piece of advice is do not give it too much power too quickly. If you feel its acting like a porpoise then chances are your collective could be lowered. There are yellow triangles to show actual power input and how close you are to maxing the engines out. Located on 1st pilot front panel, below RPM guage IIRC Keep the yellow triangles below the red marks is desirable

A couple of video’s may help too

The stability suite is key on any long distance flights and for hovering the fine tuning that can help you maintain a relative position to leave you free to observe, go make a coffee etc :slight_smile:


Almost forgot. And before you ask, only the bike is mine :sunglasses:


That’s a very nice bike! How is it handling?

Pretty good, enduro frame with road rims. But the riding style is more street like than enduro like, she likes more weight on the front wheel :slight_smile:

Quite lightweight but not so powerfull - with its single piston she cant compete cross bikes in weight and naked in HP but she is right there in the middle. And single piston has character :wink:

Powerfull in the low to middle RPM and perfectly stable on that enduro undercarriage. Perfect fit for bumpy and curvy roads.

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Oh nice that sounds like fun! I’ve only ever driven 4 cylinder in line engines. Smooth reliable and powerful but not exactly oozing character in the engine department.

This could be a problem for me :slight_smile: I am flying choppers with slightly modified MS Sidewinder 2 joy, I have removed the springs for X/Y axis. So the flying is much smoother, but cant leave the helicopter alone now :wink:

I think there’s an option for that, Haven’t tried it myself yet but there was talk about Belsimtek implementing that!

As you are talking about it now I think I start to remember.

Ok, found it. It is special Trimmer Mode.

Was able to find also this from blesimtek, but it seems that they went little bit further with the joy modification. Without this modification even the new trimmer mode will not guarantee them the coffee time :slight_smile:

Centering springs which keep the handle in the center were removed from the COBRA M5 joystick. And under axes of longitudinal and cross rocking chairs, washers, for the purpose of creation of loading effect for the joystick handle were enclosed (that there was no “falling” of the handle at a hand).

This artificial loading is present on the Hip, but for example there is no such thing on the small choppers like R44. But there is no AP or trimming system on the Robinson so this artificial loading is necessity for the Hip and other bigger copters.

I think I need to open up my Sidewinder again… and try to figure out what does this require mechanically “washers, for the purpose of creation of loading effect” :thinking: