Microsoft and Working Title Announce Partnership

Looks like they acqui-hired the whole team. I guess that’s one way to make the MSFS team bigger. WT’s work has been great, so this should be a boost for more complex avionics and aircraft. This looks like the ‘fix’ on the Sim Update 3 roadmap for the Garmin unit features. :slight_smile:

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Dear Community,

As you may have heard today during the Developer Q&A, Working Title will be officially partnering with Microsoft to support the ongoing development of MSFS. This is a very exciting opportunity for all of us here at WT – one which we couldn’t have imagined just a few months ago.

Over the coming weeks, our previously volunteer core development team will be transitioning into full-time roles with Working Title Simulations, where we will be working with Microsoft, Asobo and the other great partners on this amazing platform. We hope that our team’s software development and aviation experience can help drive the already fantastic progress on the Flight Simulator platform.

We do not have answers to every question about the future of Working Title, the platform and the team quite yet. However, we are deeply thankful for all of your excitement and enthusiasm that has helped us get to this point, and our goal is to keep this great community connected and moving forward together.

We aim to be as transparent and communicative as possible as the partnership and projects develop. We ask for the community’s patience and understanding that we will no longer be able to completely disclose roadmaps and details about our work in the platform – details about the future of the platform will continue to be communicated centrally through the official development updates and developer Q&A sessions. It is also our hope that the community will understand that in order to keep this Discord community available and useful, this cannot and never will be an official support forum for MSFS.

We have put together a short FAQ to attempt to answer some of your questions about this exciting
announcement and the future.

Thanks! Onward!

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Microsoft and Working Title Partnership FAQ

What does this mean for the Working Title Mods?

WT mods will continue to be available for download from Github. Over the coming months, the WT
team will work in coordination with MS and Asobo to determine how best to incorporate the features of these mods into the base sim. In the interim, WT will continue to maintain the existing projects, including minor feature updates, version updates and bug fixes.

What does this mean for community members?

For the time being the WT Discord Server and Github will remain as they are, with no major changes. The community is encouraged to continue to interact as before. With your help we have built a great, friendly, enthusiastic community and we want to continue that as we move to the next step of our adventure. We ask for your understanding, though, insofar as we may be unable to disclose future plans and roadmaps as we integrate with the broader platform team.

What does this mean for collaborators and contributors?

We will be working through the question of contributors and collaborators as we work in partnership with Microsoft to build a path forward. We have built a lot of momentum with our contributors, collaborators and team members and we don’t want to lose that, so we will be looking for ways to keep everyone engaged and working together on this amazing project!

Does this mean I’ll be able to get support with MSFS problems from Working Title?

The Working Title Discord Server and Github are not and will not be official support platforms for MSFS issues, including any work product from our team that becomes part of the core simulation. Community members who have questions about current WT projects are welcome to continue seeking support on them from the community as they always have, and we will help out as much as time permits.

What will Working Title be working on for the platform?

We have no definitive answer to this quite yet, but suffice it to say there’s plenty for us to get involved with. Certainly we want to bring as much of our work from the Garmins and the CJ4 into the base sim as is practical in the coming months, so we’ll be charting a path forward with the awesome teams at Asobo and Microsoft to work this out. In addition, we will be lending a hand to efforts to move the SDK forward, particularly on the HTML/JS side, as well as finding other areas of core simulator functionality that would benefit from our knowledge and experience in aviation and software development. We hope to be able to share more specifics in the coming weeks and months as we put together our plan for the coming years.


The best way of hiring people. The speed of development in all things MSFS is amazing.


Agreed. Pretty much every Valve title in the last 15 years (so, what that’s, 2 of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) has been a mod team hired on as full time - it’s a great way to get people that love working on games and aren’t going to waste time.

A lot of people have been bitching about systems etc from the very beginning on various forums, and I’ve always said they had an ulterior motive (the community tries this with pretty much every sim) to essentially coerce payware quality aircraft from Asobo and Microsoft for free. This is pretty much going to make that possible.

I suspect this will directly affect some 3rd party creators competitively, which is exactly what Microsoft/Asobo said they were trying not to do…

I’m thinking that this will eventually lead to microsoft creating payware aircraft. Good luck Caranado and etc, after that.

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My thinking is that this has been a good way to find out what the SDK needs to do, and that Asobo sort of treated the more complex aircraft in the base package as pure ‘tech demonstrators’ anyway. The way the aircraft from day 1 were open to easy modding with HTML/script (within the V8 sandbox or webassembly) was the win. I don’t think even Asobo would have predicted what WT and FBW have done so far though - they must be pretty happy.

I don’t think Asobo/Microsoft will create a lot of payware themselves as I get the impression they’ve been a bit overwhelmed in the sheer detail that the market expects these things to require, and getting WT on the payroll is just good business sense for them. I’m pretty happy, as it means there is going to be an advocate working with Asobo (as well as PDMG etc etc) who know exactly what the ‘platform’ needs, and how it can get better.

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That all sounds very “best case scenario” :thinking:

I hope it works out that way…