Microsoft Flight Sim has doubled its players twice

Thought this was interesting.


Very interesting!
MS Flightsim franchise has always been big and popular, but this version is in a league pf its own!
There are other sims that are better in many aspects, but one can’t deny that the total MSFS package is solid! And they don’t seem to be slowing down…


Enjoyed reading. Thanks for the heads-up. Cheers.

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I think it’s the idea: you have the entire globe to explore and it gives you, at some level of detail, that. “Hey, lets go from here to there…” and there is a “there” to go to, not a large blank area. You are unbounded in that context.

Or something like that :wink:

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Has me wondering if/ hoping that that somewhere deep in the bowls of the MS product planning office, theres a whiteboard that has “Combat Flight Simulator 4?” And “Pacific part 2?” And “Korea?” Written on it.


There must be. With millions brought into the fold already, why not?


I’m hip.

As many of us here have observed in the past, if they allow, “objects to separate from the user platform, translate to another position (guided or not), and make ‘boom’ on contact with something else”, then, well, it’s a new ball game (style of game play) - and competition.

I’ve not so much as thought about SimConnect in several years but I’m pretty sure it is still supported; allows someone with the time to put ‘stuff’ in there to go bang/boom on.

How’s that for obfuscating the whole thing? :thinking: