Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 3080 FPS Measurements



As expected it is quite a bit faster on high resolutions.
Probably a “must” for VR users but “meh” for everyone else.

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Hey mods, thinking about it, maybe this should just be part of the 3080 thread,

Personally prefer it this way. General 3000 thread is fine for all the reviews and other benchmarks, but this is primarily what we’re interested in… Maybe change it to flight sim benchmarks instead of just msfs, but ya. Won’t have to sift through the other thread to find this.


I agree. This is worthy to stand out considering the value of the information. It looks like my 1080ti will be fine for another gen

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Well, my 1070 is getting kicked to the motherluvin curb, baby!


I think we may or may be a bit Hasty right now in looking at these benchmarks.

For instance, what might happen if asobo goes ahead and adds DLSS anti-aliasing mode? How might that affect frame rates?

What other capabilities and technologies that are part of the new cards might be useful towards enhancing frame rates?

Good points but, and I don’t know this, will DLSS work with DX11? FS2020, to my surprise, uses DX11, not -12.


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Subd for your findings. Personally still sticking with my “wait and see/buy new next year” approach to my 1070 rig. Want to see a few more patches come out, and better understand if it makes sense to prioritize GPU or CPU side of my rig.

Keep in mind they used an i9 9900k CPU for that. So if your CPU is slower (and most people’s are), you will get lower FPS at all resolutions.

Yet if you want to fly at 4k, it looks like the 3080 is a good pick. The real question will be where the 3070 slots in here. I’m guessing it will be in the 30’s at 4K, but it’s not supposed to be a 4K card, just like the 2070 wasn’t.

To this effect, if anybody in the DACH area wants to get rid of a 1070, i’d be happy to oblige. :smiley:

I have one with your name on it, as soon as a 3080 hits my doorstep. :netherlands:

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Thanks, if shipping costs are reasonable, that would be awesome.

Most predictable thing in tha’ universe, after gravity…


If no one bought the cards from those resellers, the practice would stop. The people willing to pay over $1000 for a $700 card are the ones to blame.
Imagine those resellers buying dozens of cards and then being forced to resell them at cost because no one is willing to pay more?

Yeah…gives me a warm feeling.


I have a scenario in my head where the scalpers buy up all of those 10gb 3080’s, and then Nvidia immediately announces the 20gb cards for only a few dollars more…

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The other angle to attack this from, is for ebay to stop letting people sell pre-order ‘tickets’ for an item. A simple policy of a seller only being allowed to sell hardware they have in-hand would curb a lot of this. It means scalpers need to spend tons of money on cards, and then wait (and hope) that the market swings in their favor.