Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: the next-gen VFR trainer?

An interesting perspective…


“Head out to just about any airport in the U.S. today and ask a pilot what inspired them to learn to fly and you’ll likely hear one of the following three answers: (1) a family member is a pilot or is involved in aviation, (2) they caught the bug after their first airline flight as a child, or (3) a flight simulator game introduced the excitement and freedom of general aviation.”

Yup…it was #3 for me all the way. So many hours on the Commodore 64 logging flights. Then riding the school bus past Davidson Army Airfield in Northern Virginia at 6AM in the dark…looking out the bus windows and seeing the glow of the taxiway lights and runway lights. I just knew I had to be part of that. Anything to get out of that damn bus.


Amazing what adding just one dimension of freedom can bring.

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In my case it was option four of three. I was dropped on the head when aged about five. I have blamed a lot on this drop. Always wanted to fly ever since I can remember. Still have a small mark on my head next to the larger mark made by an Irish pick axe handle many years later.