Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to generate $2.6B in hardware sales

Sounds pretty exciting for the hardware companies, if it pans out…


Maybe we should keep a Mudspike running tally and see how much of that is our fault!


I ordered a Honeycomb Alpha, and preordered the Bravo for MSFS. I plan on getting a Reverb G2 and 3080 at some point down the road, so I’m guilty of adding to the total.


How about releasing a FFB joystick? My G940 is getting old…


Pre-orders are open for the Bravo?

Yup, forecast to ship in October if I recall. My Alpha order is supposed to arrive the end of August, I have to figure out how to accommodate it in my sim pit though… or build a MKII! :rofl:

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Cool. I have the Alpha, though I have to admit that I have hardly used it because most of the aircraft I fly in sims use a stick. I’ll probably get the Bravo at some point in the not too distant future (sometime after the Reverb G2 ).

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The Bravo throttle quadrant pre-orders start September 1 direct from Honeycomb. Shipping in October.

You can pre-order from 3rd party sites but it would take longer because honeycomb ships it to the 3rd party vendor then you’d have to add the shipping time from the vendor.

The big question is when on September 1st does it become available to pre-order… 0000Z so Aug 31 early evening Pacific?? :thinking: all I know is my F5 key will be worn out around that time.

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Would love some new FFB hardware! The Microsoft FFB2 was my holy grail joystick as a teenager. This year I found two of them on Ebay and was able to merge them together into one with a small extension (following directions from the DCS forums, pretty easy project). This Frankenstein stick works really well in DCS, especially in F-14 and Helicopters with FFB trim.

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From what I read on other places, late summer 2020 shall be known as the Great Joystick Drought. Many retailers are sold out. Msfs is doing really well pulling new and lapsed people in, and they all want yokes and pedals and sticks.

Perhaps when it becomes a billions market again, there’s capital to start making ffb sticks again. That would be awesome.

And I cant beleive the MSFB 2 was not supported… Ok, so its 20 years old… Sooo!

I still dream of a hefty magnetic ffb stick, built for floormount that can generate up to one kilonewton and quickly too. Sure that might be dangerous as wrong software could injure hands and limbs, but it would also be awesome. I want to fail to wrestle my mach-tucking MiG out of a dive. I want to be able to pull with all my might and slowly, all too slowly get the nose up.

Magnetic because mechanics would make noise and gears will break.

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Here‘s one:

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You can get a full fidelity stick that will do all you are asking for. Unfortunately they are pretty expensive, need a lot of storage space, and if you fail to wrestle your way out of a Mach tucking dive, the penalty is rather severe… oh, you want magnets?.. :wink:

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Still using mine too. icon_super