Microsoft says it's fixed an issue in Windows 10 Game Mode that 'results in lower frame rates'

Might be interesting…

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Who actually has that on, though?

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I do. Is it bad? It sounds good to me! :slight_smile:

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Game Mode has been tied to performance issues for a long while now.
I never have it on and my framerate is stable regardless and Windows Update never nags me while using the pc anyway so I am curious what it is supposed to do extra anyway. :blush:

At least its great MS has finally identified a possible root cause. I still don’t see myself enabling it any time soon, though.


Oh it does do some neat stuff. If it just prevented Windows Updates and the like, I’d use it. But, what it does with trying to optimize performance always seems to make things worse. Besides, how Windows 10 utilizes certain hardware and the like already gave me an actual discernible boost in performance in DCS and ArmA as it is.

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