Midway Island street view

Midway has always been one of those WW2 battles I was drawn too and I have always wanted to see the Island from Street level, without getting sent there by Uncle Sam. :wink:

It may well have been available for years but I just found that there is a Google street view of Midway’s Sand Island.

The base was on Eastern Island during WW2 and there is a much less extensive street view for it. Not much reason though since the whole island has been stripped of any buildings and the runways look to be overgrown too.

Being able to walk along the dock and see the abandoned Naval gun (5 inch?) was pretty interesting though.



That’s a lot of ducks

Nos sure there are any ducks but this link shows the species of birds that are nesting on the Islands now.
The Islands were turned into a Wildlife refuge at some point. I do not remember if it happened before or after the Navy left?


Interesting for sure. That was the front line. My how busy it must have been. Now abandoned. Crazy but true. It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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