Mig-21 facts that might surprise you

Nice little video here on one of my favorite DCS Modules.


Did we ever have a Get Out Of The Hangar MiG-21 event? I’m so behind on things…


@bunyap2w1 released a Red Eagles campaign for it, it is excellent. It will not teach you the balalaika however. To do that, read the instructor in the training mission in thick slav accent, preferably after downing a vodka or two. Is good. Make fly the jet, da?


I’ve been flying the mig 21, albeit briefly. I’ve always found landing to be totally terrifying but somewhat manageable

Takeoff is another story. I seem to have so much roll authority that it makes a very very twitchy time.

Can I ask what sort of curves people are using? Any dead zones?

I have a centered cam on roll, so I leave the stick centered on takeoff. No curve.

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Always been fascinated with the Mig 21, even scale modelled it, need to spend more time on it in DCS for sure.

We had Mig-21’s up here doing exercises with our Tornado GR-4’s at RAF Lossiemouth in 2005, not my pics (wish they were) but do remember seeing them taking off for what might have been this photo opp.

We get a lot of visiting military exotica here, seen visiting F-117A’s in the past, its quite the plane spotting base with two very good public viewing spots.


Mig 21 Lancer is an amazing plane to see at airshow as well.


I actually fly the DCS Mig-21bis a lot. Made several fun missions with it and always working on more. I just find this aircraft fascinating in many aspects. It’s so alien in terms of the cockpit ergonomics, seat of the pants flight model, situational awareness is practically non-existent. You always have to be on your toes when in the AO. And then if you survive, you have to work hard and really concentrate just to land the thing.


The DCS bis is one of the only planes that gives me a genuine RUSH when I fly it. I’ve said before its actually so aggressive with the afterburner kicking in that it gets my heart rate seriously pumping. Combined with the almost out control nature of it at low and slow speeds its a beast. Love it.

I really ought to actually deep dive into it now I have a decent system and my reverb. I might actually be able to read the cockpit labels now :rofl:

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