MiG-21 FPS hit with radar

After a long hiatus, I tried to fly the MiG-21 earlier this week and was stunned when turning on the radar brought the fps to a screeching halt. Turning it off immediately corrected it.

What is the setting I assume I need to change to stop that from happening? My fps are great all the time in all conditions so I couldn’t believe something like that would have such an impact.

Don’t have that problem.

Is that on a server or specific terrain or older version of the game?

Using latest open beta. Well, the version before last I’ve not tested it since yesterday’s update.
Affects it whether I have regular cockpit or even ghost cockpit with the radar display floating.

Just doing SP training mission on radar it does it.

Ok so since the last update I went back and tried it again and now it’s not happening.

A temp bug with last OB release? Must be as I haven’t changed anything else.

It was a side benefit of the Vegas slot machine coding. :innocent: