Mig-21 intercept of B52s - with extra soviet nostalgia

I’ve made a 30 minute video of an early fall morning scramble to intercept some kapitalist bombers heading for Krasnodar. I did a rushed startup sequence and took off in the wrong runway direction to get airborne as quickly as possible. I used the runway heading as my initial course, and then followed the coast south to catch the enemies.

I had some issues recording - I wanted to use the track to re-record external scenes of all the exciting parts, but all my tracks are getting corrupted, so i could only get a couple of seconds from the start before the track drove me off into the grass. Weird issues aside, I think it came out nicely, I used the built in Colour grading in Premiere CC to give it a 1980ies period correct film look, and added some soviet classics to the soundtrack.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas what might be causing the track problems…

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My understanding is, it’s a known issue in DCS. I’ve had some issues myself with tracks I’ve recorded and wanted to study, and from their forum, it seems to be fairly common.

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