Mig-21 speedrun

I was daydreaming about having an actual Mig-21, and wondering how quickly you could get around Denmark if you had one - say from my hometown Aarhus to popular holyday destination Bornholm. As it turns out, Maykop-Nalchik is the perfect substitute for the trip!


I like this challenge! Does the aircraft have to remain intact at the destination airport?

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I suppose ejecting works too…

It might be fun to make this an actual speed run challenge. I think the rules are:

Take of, cold from ramp. Clock starts when you flick the first switch. Clock stops when the plane is Stationary on the runway, intact, engine and power off, canopy open. (No taxiing needed).

Loadout, season, weather, time of day optional

I flew with full external tanks, but had 2K fuel left, so it might shave off some drag with central tank only

Interesting. I think the altitude profile of the trip could also be an interesting factor.

Yes, I would use a ballistic profile to achieve the maximum mach speed that the 21 is capable off.

Indeed! I feel like I’m getting a lot of effieciency flying wet at 10000 metres, but climbing takes energy too…

But then you’d get flameouts at Mach 2.4…

Keep it at mach 2.2 you fool!

We should get together on a server and have an actual race, top gear (grand tour) style!

Smashing! Let’s also have a M-2000C and F-5E in there!

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“The producers gave us each 45 euros to buy a plane and told us to meet up at Nalchik for a series of challenges” :smiley:


“Hammond, off course showed up in a 911…”