MiG-21 vs F-5E Dogfight Analysis!

First post here, but I figured it’s a good place to start! Here’s a personal analysis of a dogfight I had in multiplayer the other day versus a very capable opponent in an F-5E. I try and illustrate the importance of energy management and patience in a fight where I started on the defensive, but managed to score a victory in the end (with a little help from the other guy).

Let me know what you think and I’m excited to be a part of the community!


Nice video! Thanks for sharing @Sport!

Thanks for the video! I usually fly helicopters or air to ground, as I am so bad with SA and awareness of AOA.
This video helps to understand at least one of the things I should be doing when I get back to flying air to air in the Mirage:
Low AOA is where you want to be
Unless in an emergency
Patience is the key

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Good example of sustained turn ( @Sport ) vs instantaneus turn ( Alpha ).
I agree, patience not to pull harder on the stick and wait till the beter turn rate ( in sustained turn ) shows is usualy the key. Especialy patience in misile environment where one dont need to go realy close and into lead turn before shooting.

Ahh… memories :slight_smile:


Enjoyed the video. Especially when you popped up the Tacview and explained what was going to happen next. :sunglasses:


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