MiG-23's are doom (or how I saw the need for phoenix)


Hi guys,

I just been toying with a couple of MiG-23s in the Nevada Constant Peg gen III instant action mission. They are… Kicking my sorry butt. Again. And again. Jester is far too slow locking them up, and I quickly run out of energy going defensive vs the two ship.

Now I also built a little training scenario not unlike that one, though the start distance is a little greater and the kitty is armed with phoenix big sticks. Somehow I haven’t found out how to get jester to fire them. Am I missing something? Strangely I have no issue at all downing phantoms. I guess sparrow is more easily trashed than Apex.

There’s no training mission for the long range BVR stuff I saw, only fox two and gunsgunsguns.

Help me Obi Wan Ke-forum, you are my only hope!


With the weapon selector in the PH/SP position, press down the selector to swap between phoenixes and sparrows. If you put the hud to AA mode, you can see PH6 (or however many phoenixes you brought) printed on the HUD. If jester has a lock, you can fire them. If you take the shot in STT, remember to tell jester to put it on PDSTT in order to allow datalinking with your missiles.

It might take a few seconds for the phoenix to come of the rail.


Can’t help with getting jester to fire them, but like stated above, you just select them and then hold the trigger down for a couple seconds and it bumps off the rail.

If I’m not mistaken, jester defaults into auto TWS. This means that as long as the contact is showing up on the TID, you can fire within range.


Pretty sure I heard that as well.
The radar should automatically go into the necessary mode when the AIM-54 is fired.


So left stick hat sideways, press and hold trigger and pray…


Yup, that worked. Put the bad guys on the defensive too, they were sh*tting their pants with a buffalo inbound. Pwned the lot of them. What a bird.

Now I don’t yet see me winning the instant action scenario, 1v2 against apex slinging floggers while armed with only sparrows.


Sparrow > Apex all other things being equal.

Granted 2 v 1 is NOT equal. :slight_smile: Do some chaff/flare and pull some good g’s and you should be able to get past them, though. Remember 2 Floggers are still only 4 Apex to worry about. A flogger isn’t the missile carrier a Flanker is.


Actually, it’s a 3v1 scenario. Fishbed and two Flogger. The trick is to immediately go to a boresight radar mode (it’s a selector switch near the throttle) and try to pick one of the Floggers up. Get a Sparrow off – doesn’t have to be a good shot, just a shot. This will force them to go defensive and quit spamming Apexes at you, allowing you to close the distance and go for a kill shot.