Mig-31 at airshow

Added to the list of planes on my dream DCS wishlist:



With all the modules lined up for release in the next 1 to 2 years, I’m actually quite surprised that nobody’s said a peep about the MiG-25 or MiG-31 when they’re both so beloved. I wonder if it’s because Russia keeps an extra-tight lid on all design/performance documentation for the ship.

Either way, it’s too bad! I bet it’d be a fun challenge to learn and master!

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MiG25 and 31 where always on my wishlist. Their R-33 and R-40 could provide some counterbalance against the Tomcat and the AIM-54.

I bet they would be really fun to learn to manage, like a super powerful, extra temperamental Mig-21!

More video:

If everyone else is posting MiG-25/MiG-31 videos, then so will I!

Wings of Russia. MiG-25 and MiG-31.

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Whenever I see that video and the Mig-31’s take off from the winter airfield, I think of the scene in Firefox when the U.S. sub captain asks Clint how fast he can get out of there - “So fast you would’nt even believe it”

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Looks dated now but Firefox was a cool movie for the time.



I still have very fond memories of that movie.
I was 9 years old… :cry:

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Kudos for operating at those altitudes. Perhaps looks are irrelevant, but it’s not the most modern or aesthetic design. Masculine, hell yes.

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I’d love a MiG-25 or 31. I can see it from a developer’s perspective it’s a niche product that would require a lot of complexity. High alt and speed intercept’s aren’t real common in DCS, and it would require a lot of radar modeling and possibly a GCI environment. Additionally the regime in which they operate is outside of the normal operation envelope of the rest of the DCS modules, and would probably require a bunch of work in that part of the flight envelope. So while I’d buy it in a heartbeat, I can see why it’s a long shot to be developed.


They’re still upgrading the crap out of those old airframes, but they will have fewer than 60 in service. I read somewhere the Russians want them flying until about 2030. With most of them having been built between 1981 and 1990, these airframes are as old as a legacy Hornet.