Mini ITX pc case build

Looking for any info on an ITX mini case and motherboard to build a pc. AMD
7 series cpu and AMD gpu. and gen 5 ram 32 gig with AO closed cooler set up,no water lines. This is for X plane 11/12 and MS 2020/24.I have seen some cool builds in these smaller cases. I don’t want any RGB and don’t care if parts stick out of case. Can I find a case for this under 150$ or more if it comes with internal wiring and built in power supply…what do you know??

This seems to be what you are looking for. I just added a power supply filter to the cases category in pcpartspicker.

What resolution do you want to play at? 700W power supply (and space in the case) could get a bit tight if you want to go for 4K or VR, but for 1440p or 1080p, it shouldn’t be too hard to fit a nice GPU in the available physical and power space

Coming in a bit late.

My current rig is a mini (micro ATX) case, a bit over 3 years old now and due for and upgrade.

My question is why a mini case?

If it is for ease of movement/portability/space is at a premium? then fine. Otherwise go with a ‘full size MB’. As @freak has said you will be limiting your graphics card and potentially cooling options.

For reference that is a 2060S. I reckon I might have difficulty squeezing a 40 series card in there?

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