Mirage 2000C bombing practice

So last night several of us flew the Mirage online together for some bombing practice. It seemed to me at the time that you couldn’t put two different bomb types on the aircraft such as MK 82 Low drag and SnakeEyes and then be able to CCIP and CCRP in the same sortie (The Mirage ties delivery mode to bomb type (MK 82= CCRP, SnakeEyes=CCIP). The reason why I thought that was because I loaded both types on the airframe, but the PCA (stores management) only showed me the one type on the panel. I literally couldn’t select the MK 82’s to enable CCRP or drop them.

So it had been bugging me all day and then I said wait a minute, I think I know what is going on - I had loaded the bombs along the centerline mounts, two of each, and put rocket pods on the wing pylons. What if I separated the bombs by fuselage and wing mounts? So I jumped back in this afternoon and sure enough - you can have both!

Turns out DCS shows each weapon station individually in the loading screen, but the Mirage PCA groups the fuselage stations as one store.

Mk. 82’s along the centerline, Snakeyes outboard

PCA now shows both bomb types BF and BL, allowing for both delivery types

Loaded for…quick Einstein - whats the French word for Bear?

Take that Truck that hauls things for the enemy!

Steady, Steady, Stay on target…



Nice. Can’t wait to get buddy lasing / JTAC ability in the next update.

Were y’all on a public server?

There’s a group here that gets on the Mudspike teamspeak Tuesday evenings, and I throw up a server to fly on. All are welcome.


le Randy Quaid…

Looks like fun! I don’t have the Mirage yet…on my short list of things to buy though…

Ok cool, I’m leaving this weekend for a couple weeks but I’ll have to check that out when I’m back.