Mirage 2000C fighter practice AAR

Did some fighter practice against a MiG-29A. I figured it would be a good opponent as both planes entered service in 1982 although I believe the exact Mirage modification we have is slightly more recent.

The MiG decides to shoot a radar guided missile early. I throw her into a beam and deploy chaff to evade.

The MiG decides to shoot his 2nd straight after that. but as I am still beaming deploying a few chaffs was enough

Time to go on the offensive myself! Let’s see what that MiG is gonna do about this big boy.

Apperently he has similair ideas to my own.

Dropping out afterburner and deploying loads of flares of wich the Mirage carries ever so few was enough to survive that attempt on my life. That MiG however…

…Spends some time tumbling through the skies and explodes just a few km above the surface.

First one down! Let’s try to go for a gun kill next time.


Looks like it will be a one circle fight. We both choose an axis we’re both strong on compared to other planes: the vertical. I dive while he climbs.

We end up cutting into each others corner. Head-on pass #2!

I’m afraid that MiG will sometime catch me with his great acceleration. So I decided to keep my speed up. That MiG however, is turning at almost stall speed. He turns into me…

But I use my speed advantage to climb out and leave the MiG behind. Some diving and climbing later we end up facing each other again. Head-on pass #3

This time I am in the better position! I’m creeping in on his six while he leads us into a defensive spiral turn…

This time he gets away :frowning: a few moments after this shot I’ll have to abort the turn or risk going sub-surface.

Starting to become a cliché now :no_mouth: Head-on pass #4.

This time I make a fatal mistake. It looked like we where going to have a two circle fight and I’ve had about enough of the head-ons. I decide to reverse my turn but my speed was high. All the while the MiG was trying to corner at stall-speed again. He crept up behind me. Like last time I decide to climb out to use my speed.

But this time the MiG has enough energy to go up behind me and line up a shot. Chunks of mirage are sent flying everywhere :cry:

However it turns I wasn’t quite dead yet! At first I thought my engine was out as I was doing about 80 knots. But everything turned out to be in working order. Meanwhile the MiG appears to recovering from his own stall and is on his way back down. Time to reverse the roles and chase him.

getting some shots in.

Trying to finish it.

At this point the MiG bursts into flames. However this doesn’t seem to hurt the MiG that much. and he’s trying to coast back to the coast on one engine. I’m out of rounds.

Once above land though, the pilot decides he’s had enough of being slow-cooked in there and decides to punch out. I guess he didn’t want to do a morning swim.

Home sweet home.

Thanks for reading!


Nice! Thanks for the AAR!

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Good report!

Fun fact: I did pretty much the same on sunday. First I tried fighting a MiG-21 a few times, then the MiG-29A. I started the fight at only 10,000ft though, and that made the fight pretty interesting.

Although I have to say: The AI flight model of the MiG-21 is strange. It can survive tons of damage, the AI manages to lock on those missiles during maneuvers in which I certainly couldn’t lock on with the radar, much less hit with a missile. And then during the dogfight the AI flies… interesting maneuvers such as going vertical until it gets down to 60 knots, then levels off and flies away. I can’t do that in the M2000C. And if I try that in the MiG-21 myself the engine quits.
The only positive thing is that quite often it uses this maneuver in bad situations, so I can get a gun kill. :smile:
But IMO it as hard to fight than the AI MiG-29, just not in a good way…


Nice write up!

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Great AAR! Enjoyed reading it.

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thanks for the kind words, all :slight_smile: I hope to do another one some day soon.

@aginor I usually fly against air superiority fighters if I have a choice in the matter. Few of the interceptors seem to fight in a way I’d expect them to. like attacking and then extending away. They all seem to like to get involved in dirty turn-fights like the one I described in my AAR, and they perform better at it than I would expect.

Very good AAR, thanks! It is also my experience, MiG-29s do not cope well with M2000C :slight_smile: and when it comes to damage, M2000 is rather tough - it can survive quite a few gun rounds, sometime a missile, but where it is most durable it is against MANPADS - somehow I have always survived at least two Igla hits in a row :slight_smile: still, the damage model is WIP (just wait to see to what extent the damage to the electrical / power system will be modelled). Thanks for a good read!


I think that is because the AI flights always use the simple flight model for a given plane, which puts players at some disadvantage…