Mirage 2000C Kneeboard files

Well I tried to post two links to the files here, but it gets refused, saying I can only post 2 links.

Say no more.

Hmm…there’s a limit to how much new users can post. I’ve upgraded your account, @Brix, try again.

Sorry, I’ve not been here for a while - been very busy with all kinds of headache inducing stuff, but you can get the files - and other reference stuff that may be of use in FSX/P3D at my website, www.virtual-pilot.org.uk

It’s very basic, but does the job. Adding stuff all the time, but it does take time.


Cheers @Brix for your hard work. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you - it’s just stuff I do for myself anyway, and just upload it for anyone else to use, so not really hard work!

I’m doing an ABRIS guide just now, which I hope will be finished soon - but I think it will have to be a reference web page, as I can’t think of an efficient way to put it on the kneeboard.

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The main reason I did the kneeboard files, voice checklists etc, was to show people how easy it is to do such things, and hopefully give a little nudge to those who have more time/patience and perhaps knowledge than I, certainly for certain modules, to produce either their own, or for others, if they so wished.

A few have popped up since, and the latest is Sydy - you can find his files in the user download section at the DCS website:

Nice job, Sydy :wink:

I am still going to do some updates, but as I’m having to share my available time between so many different things, it’s slow going. Especially as I haven’t done much in DCS World these last months (though I have been reading the manuals at every opportunity). Other people uploading these files gives me an excuse to be lazy and do other stuff, too - but I will be still working on the ABRIS guide and am about to do some F-15C stuff for KIF - followed by the others I haven’t yet done anything for. That includes combat procedures, which has been missing from most of the modules I covered.