Mirror's Edge Catalyst

I like my buildings painted white and my drainpipes always red. It’s how I roll.

Spent a huge amount of hours on Mirror’s Edge back in the day. Such a nice change of scenery from games at the time, where the clean lines and the running mechanic worked so well.

So far some mixed reactions to the sequel:

Looks beautiful again though…


I was expecting some AMD promo… :smiley:

From what I’ve seen is that it’s not the Mirrors Edge that I was hopeing for :(.

I, too, was a huge fan of Mirror’s Edge - played the heck out of it on Xbox 360. Very visual, although the sea of white with clues in red wasn’t exactly breathtaking. The sense of height and motion was intense. I instinctively rolled into the fetal position more than once after missing a hand grab.

The challenge of pulling off a multiple move maneuver to leap across impossible gaps or go quickly up a floor was intense but soooo satisfying when you got it. Although the levels were very corridor-y (there was always just the one way to go), the designers did a good job of not making it feel that way. Well, at least not all the time.

The hand-to-hand combat was intense, too, especially if you tried to do it by disarming only. Very rewarding results.

I couldn’t get into the time trials which was a big part of the game outside the story. I’m just not that competitive, but there were some crazy times posted on the leaderboards.

Haven’t given Catalyst much thought - looking forward to seeing it roll out, though.

Not played it…but based on the popularity, I figure it is only a matter of time before we see a feature length movie featuring Jennifer Lawrence as the girl… I vote yes for form fitting lycra.

The original was one of my most favourite games ever. The parcour mechanics simply were that good. Only one game ever managed to come close, and that is Dying Light.

Looking very much forward to trying it out.

On a macroscopic scale yes, but on a smaller scale, there were often 3 or 4 ways to go (on one rooftop, e.g.), each with varying difficulty and speed. I remember a time trial in the original where you would start out in a staircase and the first 3 moves were so complex that the time of the whole level hinged on pulling them off exactly the right way. It was not just a matter of doing the right moves but also of when to turn, funny enough it had lots of parallels with racing games with a few additional degrees of freedom.

What i found absolutely mesmerizing was that the movement system that was actually relatively easy to get into had such a depth and complexity to it when you tried to build the speed. Will be interesting to see how this turns out in the prequel.


That must be tricky, I don’t see how you could make it into a good movie. The story isnt that thick.