Mission building with random multiple planes and different planes with random weather...DCS 1.5

  1. Have a group of bombers fly over the airfield. I have tried to select the TU-XX (can’t remember the call number) and put in a flight route over the target. I then try to increase the number of planes in the group to 3. so that the section that says “1 of 1” would read “1 of 3” (I assume that 3 would mean there is three aircraft in the group). However I cannot increase the number with the up arrow, only by typing in “3”. As soon as I go to another box, the number reverts back from 3 to 1…showing 1 of 1 again.

Not sure why that is.

  1. I know who to create a mission with 10 bandits with where the condition would generate randomly one bandit.with it’s assigned route.

but how do you have 10 bandits where the mission would generate 2 bandits at a time with different routes. Ideally these will be two different types of bandits,i.e. Mig 29 and Su-33. or a group of 3 bombers as one group on one route, and two Mig 29’s grouped (as escort).on another route.

  1. Is there a way to randomly assign weather conditions. (i.e clear, partly cloudy, overcast, or rain) This way you never know what weather you are gonna get.

Hi jack,

  1. For the big planes there can only be 1 unit in a group. For the fighters you can have multiple units in the group. Been like that forever… Make the first one then clone more using Cntrl-C and multiple Cntrl-V’s.
  2. Make an event at Mission Start to set a Random Flag, such as 5, with random values 1-5. Then after that make five events that activate your desired groups, based upon the Random Flag 5 value.
  3. Nope.

Hi Jack, I got your PM!

Like Wrecking Crew has already stated, bombers can’t be part of a group the way fighters are. There are some options however, to coordinate bomber groups. One thing you can do is create a lead bomber, then add another one and dive into its advanced waypoint. Here you can choose the “follow” command, and make your new wingman bomber follow the leader. You can also define what the formation should look like. If you’re looking for even more control over what the formation should look like, there is also a WWII bomber formation function with way more options. You can also (very easily) do what Wrecking crew recommends and simply copy/paste bombers next to each other after fully setting up the flight- and attack plan for the first one.

If you want the wingmen to be dissimilair, you could set things up so that you spawn one random bandit out of 10 options, the same way you’re doing right now. You could then also create a pool of 10 wingmen. You give each of these wingmen 10 waypoints, each with an advanced waypoint action for “follow”, with your desirable formation characteristics and a different ‘possible’ lead for the 10 options you created earlier. Then head over to the triggered actions ( it’s the 4 circle thingy next of the button where you select the loadout) for each wingman and create a triggered action to swap the current waypoint to one of the ten waypoints you just created. In the normal trigger menu, you link these triggers in such a way that the correct one fires, given for what ‘lead’ aircraft has spawned. Par example, if you made it so that the system decided that flag 1 makes a certain MiG-29 Leader spawn, and Flag 2 makes a certain Su-33 wingman spawn, you’ll also tell that Su-33 that that specific MiG-29 spawned (via Flag 1) and that it should hook up with that guy.

You could apply the same tactics to create a lead bomber that goes for a certain target and then wingman bombers that follow him (You could make a triggerzone to make the wingmen bomb the same target as the lead bomber does). You could generate the escort the same way you programmed the wingmen in my previous example.

Not directly, unfortunately. You can however set up dynamic weather.

Thanks guys.
I think I have setup a mission where I have two TU-160 going to bomb an airfield that has two Mig 29’s as cover. I have the lead bomber flying a path and set the same path very close for the second bomber and gave the instructions to follow lead bomber.

The Mig 29’s are group together where the first instruction is to follow lead bomber, then once I hit WP1 they start a CAP, where I figure the will start to search for my unit of two F15’s.

The next mission I want to create is to have a random generation of two bombers (either a group of two or three TU-95, or TU-160, or TU142). With that I would like to have a random generation of two escort fighters (either MIg 29, Mig-21, Mig-31).

So I have to figure out how to add this using the triggers. I am not sure how to group two different generator of aircraft (so I have 2 bombers both the same from a random selection and 2 random escort fighters). .

And regarding the weather…I see what you mean, So if I go the Dynamic weather tab, Do I have to click Generate before each time I run the scenario to change the weather, or can I just leave it and the weather may be different each time. (I think I have to press it each time before I run the scenario).

Dynamic weather is a set-once deal.
You design the conditions, save them, and the weather systems will play out during the mission - rather than being the same from start to finish (static). While there may be some variances in how it plays out each time, it’s far from random.

Setting up good dynamic weather requires editing a weather template file, which can be loaded into the mission via the button at the bottom of the weather tab.

I use Escort instead of Follow, like when F-16s are guarding an AWACS. There are parameters with Escort that define the guarding distance and separation to the escortee. But I suggest not spending too much time on them, they kinda work OK.

Just curious about the CAP.
If I assign the follow command to waypoint 1, then change the order to perform CAP. Do the fighters orbit around wpt 1 looking for enemy aircraft? or do they continue to the other waypoints looking for enemies.

You could try Search And Engage. It will depend upon the enemy to a good degree. Test, test, test.

Thanks WreckingCrew…
Will try that.

Do I need to have that at each waypoint or can I just have it at the action set at the first waypoint and all other waypoints will duplicate that action without a setting in the Advanced Waypoint Action box.

The conditions will extend to the following waypoints.

There is an explanation of that in the DCS GUI manual, I think that is the name.

You remind me of my Red Sky mission with Tu-22s and other bombers attacking a Stennis group. It took about 4 weeks of testing before I got Red to behave. DCS can be frustrating. Are you building this mission in v1.5?

Look at the DCS User Manual, around page 142 - Advanced Actions Menu. On Page 145 there is a diagram of tasks and priorities. You will also see an explanation of the “Action Attributes”, such as ‘-x’, ‘-a’, …

yes…I am using 1.5.

I have been searching youtube for videos on explaining and setting up triggers,actions and some of the harder programming functions. For someone that is not knowledgeable in some of the computer/DCS technical language that is used, it is hard to follow.