Mission Building with Real World Communications Question

I was wondering whether anyone here knows of a good website or sites which have recordings of military air traffic from around the world, preferably in ogg format? Something one could use in background noise for missions one makes in the DCS mission editor. I have a few ogg files I’ve had for quite some time that people shared over at the DCS forums but I’d hate to use the same radio files over in various missions being built. Would possibly like to use stuff which is different.

Any tips or ideas would be most appreciated.

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I got this site for you…

It’s in dutch, I saved you the hassle of having to try and navigate it and put you straight at the recordings. It shows you the latest 5 recordings for every type. Below each there’s something called “Overzicht van alle opnames van…” (Overview from all recordings of…) That will show you all recordings. Vliegbasis Leeuwarden (Airbase Leeuwarden) has by far the most recordings.

When you click on a link, you will be taken to a page where a media player will play the recording for you. Below the media player it says “Deze opname downloaden? Klik dan hier!” (Download this recording? click here!) where you can download the recording in MP3 format. I’m sure you can convert it with one tool or another found online.

There are 6 types of recordings.

Vliegbasis Leeuwarden (Airbase Leeuwarden) has by far the most recordings.
Vliegbasis Volkel (Airbase Volkel) only has a single recording. This base is a lot more secretive in general anyway, and presumably stores our nukes as well.
Opnames van vliegshows (Airshow recordings)
Opnames van gevechtsleiding & QRA ( Recordings from combat air control and Quick Reaction Alerts)
Overige opnames (other recordings, Cornfield range per example)
Oude opnames ( Old recordings, 90’s)

Hope it proves useful! By far the most material is in English but the pilots and other personel sound very Dutch.


I am interested in this too.

@Sryan Thank you sir! I will indeed use these.

Here is one site I found which I have used some of the audio which is already in ogg format. Still interested though in other counttries who might have recordings of their red flag equivalent that I may use in DCS missions as background comms.

Red Flag Scanner Audio Recordings