Mission Editor Issues still....anyone else having issues?

Okay…I have posted previously about the mission editor being FUBAR’d
To start…I have DCS World Version NON Steam edition.
I have never had this issue before, but after the recent update a week ago, this has surfaced.
No matter what map I use, if I select an aircraft, I can name it, do all the things prior to placement on the map. When I try to place the A/C, it does not place and the Editor seems to lock up.
The armament screen is blank as described previously in my other posting. The Viewer screen is also blank.

I have no issues PLAYING the game. But anything mission editor oriented is screed up.

Does anyone have this issue?

If you don’t know…try opening the mission editor, selecting a map, select the P-51D, and try to place it on the map on parking hot.

Then open the armament screen and see if you can see weapons.

Also…this is for the PC Stand alone Non Steam version.



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Little question.
Have you played around with liveries?
Because I had something like that when I created a livery for an aircraft but left in the liveries folder the .zip file I created from it and sent to the person who wanted it.

Essentially, but I don’t know how well versed you are with informatics, every time there’s a spurious file in any level of the liveries hierarchy the mission editor tries to analyze it.
If it can’t open it- being it of the wrong extension, type, or content- it act always extremely funny.

And by funny I mean not funny at all.
I had entire type of models being replaced by a generic low poly version, soft lock up like you’re experiencing now, all textures being green pixelated “missing textures” stuff and more.

All depending on what I messed - no matter how little - in the liveries folders.
TL;DR- don’t ever forget anytype of files that don’t belong in the right folder.


You Sir, are a true GENIUS!!
I found a zipped file in one of the liveries that I had accidentally created. Deleted it and Whammo….all good again.
Thank You !!

I would never have thought to look at that.
I will now name my firstborn child after you!!




No biggies, it’s stuff that happens. :wink:

You were good in actually describing your problem so very well.
I was reading your opening post with only half my brain but something clicked and connected and… voilà.


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