Mission Generator for X-Plane

A mission generator plug-in for X-Plane.


“You don’t know where to fly? You need a motivation to climb into your cockpit and take off into the wild blue yonder? You yearn for a story to go with your flight simulator? Then the Mission Generator is for you! Select your favorite airplane, go to your favorite airport, and let the Mission Generator take you on an adventure!”

They are springing up like rabbits now. :rabbit: :rabbit:

This one is $15 and purely offline rather than a subscription service. No economy stuff like FSEconomy or AirHauler but could be the thing to scratch an itch if not sure of where to fly.



This got posted on the Release Thread, been eyeing it ever since, especially since you can just hack away at it as much as you want given that all files are editable!

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Pretty neat. :sunglasses:


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