Mixed Reality + fully physical fighter jet cockpit simulator: The best implementation of XR/MR

Viperwing’s latest simulator - a hybrid solution for VR users



Looks very good!

The interesting part is how they distinct the VR image outside the cockpit from the real image inside the cockpit where you see your hands, knobs and kneeboard…


It’s surprisingly intuitive though.
You run a software that recognize/knows the shape of the cockpit - a mask, literally.

You just instruct the visual to overlay the rendered external world outside of that mask.

Source: I… uh… might have my hands in stuff like that? :blush:


I had to smile when he pulled out his smartphone. I tend to agree with the premise, preferring physical HOTAS and switches while in VR. But viperwing is also probably motivated by dwindling market share.

Does the sim look like P3D?