MMJoy assistance

I hate to ask the obvious, but Im running out of avenues…

I have recently changed the version of MMjoy that I was using as part of fault finding my DIY pedals build, as recommended by many helpful souls.

I did this and updated the firmware on that (pedals) Pro Micro card, and then had to update the firmware on my other devices.

  1. ka50 (hybrid) switch panel

  1. cyclic controller, which is an old TM F22 pro being repurposed (at this point just the buttons on the grip, no axis yet) to replace the standard grip on the fllight link G stick

I have all the sets save to text files for the ka50 and cyclic.
however they seem to be completely useless now. ( I assumed the shift register pins would also be saved)

the ka50 I have managed to recover and manually configured.

but the cyclic using the TM shift register with the 4021 shipset, just will NOT play ball

Note: there was NO physical tinkering here, everything was in place and working, only change was the firmware upgrade…
(and just llike that, my [ka50] flying days are over) the one time i didnt grab a screenshot of all the settings…

I’ve tried every combination i can think of (1 at a time then test);
setting chip to 4021, I’ve tried setting the chip count from 1-6,
I’ve tried all those combinations with CS set to B1 and B2 (which is the CLK)
all with MISO set to B3(edited)

Even changing the VID, PID hasn’t had any effect
nothing gives me any button interface…

both devices are wired identically

ka50 panel

cyclic head


cab be seen clearer here

74HC165 chipset shift register

(Thrustmaster FLCS/F22) 40121 chipset shift register

NOTE: before anyone gets bent out of shape, the cheap chinese shift register is labelled in the diagram as per the PCB (so i didnt screw it up again) which is marked incorrectly, much time and effort mapping out the pins with a mulitmeter (with the gracious assistance of v81) to verify and confirm the actual pins on the chip to the pins on the plug.

to riterate, nothing physical changed, no wiring, no connections, purely a firmware update

I’e got a sneaking suspicion that the latest firmware has broken the 4021 chip set shift register

You’re in luck. Just this week I rewired a F-22 using a ProMicro and MMJOY2. It was a bit of trial and error, but I used the following:

*RED - D3

*Change MMJOY SR-CS and SR-DATA drop downs to these.

My MMJOY looks slightly different than yours, but hopefully it’s just cosmetic. I combed countless posts on SimHQ, DCS, Il-2 and Google, and ended up just doing a bunch of trial and error, but that combo above is working 4.0 for me.


By the way, how do you like the G-Stick? It’s not Force Feedback, right? What’s your method of trimming the Ka-50?

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G stick is ok except limited HOTAS buttons
beyond trimming prior to lift, i dont trim helos, I prefer to fly them*
so I know exactly what is going on and dont have the trim system trying to kill me
(I can manage that perfectly well on my own)
the only time Im not flying it is when i pull up to scan/engage and put it in hover-hold

  • not trying to be facetious, I learnt to fly in a Robinson R22 so the twitchy little bastards have instilled in me a mindset to always be flying the helicopter, not letting the helicopter fly you.
    So its more of me struggling to cope flying with trim enabled than “you’re doing it wrong”

Ill try swapping B2,B3 to D2, D3 and changing MMJoy settings but that is a good 6 hours away, will keep you posted
many thanks for the assitance

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Got it. Didn’t know if they had a magnetic brake, force trim or something. I’m actually in the process of modding a MS FFB2 stick into a proper cyclic, but it’s slow going.

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removing and reconnecting wires from B2,B3 to D2,D3 has worked…

it WAS working happily until the firmware update with the pins i was using… very frustrating for a newb, just when you think you have everything sorted, something like this bites you in the backside

soooo many thanks for your guidance and assistance
Im back in the air and will be able to fly the ka50 in an upcoming multi-unit mission tonight/tomorrow morning

so very much appreciated

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Absolutely. I’m a newb here, too!