Mmmm...A400M footage

I know the C-130 is near and dear to everyone’s heart…but man I think the A400M is a sexy aircraft…


And bonus MH-60R Seahawk footage for this thread…true value added!


Both very cool! I can’t imagine landing a helicopter in that!

The MH060 pilots sound so calm and professional on the radio, without the video you’d never know how hairy the landing is they’re attempting :thumbsup:

No kidding…this isn’t exactly how I sound under the same situation…but it’s pretty close (uh…might want to turn down your speakers…LOL…)


I had my earphones… no I didn’t suffer any permanent damage.
Not physical at least- but my reputation is a complete waste.

I bursted out is such a loud laughter- man, i frikking lost it- I’m basically called “Pshyco” now…
é_è thanks…

Heheh LOL!