Mobiflight + Octavi = ❤?

Found this today. It’s not really hardware, but it seems to be Software that enables all kinds of hardware for using it as flight control input. Did not play around with it yet, so no experiences to share.

And the hardware could for example be an Octavi input controller device. Or something self-built like it.

Any thoughts?


If I didn’t have a working firmware on my button box, I would give that a go. Looks good. I may have orders one of those Octavi bits though. :slight_smile:

I just snagged a 30% off spot on the kickstarter for the Octavi. I guess someone must have cancelled as there were no spots left for that reward level when I checked it out on the first day of the campaign.


That‘s one of twenty. Very lucky!

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Pretty funny, my first thought was: Well, that’s pretty much all the cockpit controls the modern Child of Magenta needs these days. :joy:

Seriously though, it’s a very neat set of controls, and makes a lot of sense especially for civil flat screen simming. Thanks for sharing!

Well, they did add a ‘bump’ and a raised ridge to help you feel your way around the panel if you are in VR. I’m going to have to figure out how to mount it to my desk without getting in the way of my other peripherals.

Is the Octavi a regular directX gamecontroller, or dows it need dedicated per game/sim support?
I see DCS isn’t listed…

As far as I see it‘s just an ESP8266/ESP32 (aka Arduino).

You can flash it with any software you like, I guess. But the Octavi team takes care of precompiled images.

So once they stop doing that, a community can take over.

I‘d also like to know how much of a hassle it will be to configure all controls for a plane, but maybe this where community plugins come in?

I did not back the project yet. They seem well funded so I‘ll wait for reviews.