Mobile Games

I am not a great lover of mobile games as a rule. I find them quite irritating most of the time. If I have spare time that I’m not usually playing games on my phone I tend to read e books or flight related stuff.
However a friend recommended a little game called data wing

Its free and has ZERO ads. The only way I could describe it would be similar gameplay to asteroids. Except it takes place inside a computer system and you are given instructions by 'mother ’ who is almost like the cpu. It’s a great little story that goes with a comparatively simple game. I got hooked on it!
it doesn’t take to long to complete and it really is a great little game given away for free.

As I said I don’t really game on my phone or on the tablet as I have an expensive pc to play with and a kindle account and a pdf reader on my phone! Butaa I enjoyed this so much it got me wondering about your experiences with mobile games.

Have you got any firm favourites? Any that you can’t put down as single player or online multiplayer. I’d love to have some more recommendations or your opinions on this.
I have found a few ‘flight simulator type’ games as well and one in particular was called ‘turboprop simulator’

the graphics were amazing for a mobile game and although it used motion controls it was actually reasonably good fun in very short bursts.
I could shake the fact I looked a complete pillock waving my phone around though I didn’t stick with that for long :rofl:

Anyway lets hear your views and recommendations! Free. Paid. Single player multiplayer. Flight or otherwise!

Lets keep the ads to a minimum though because they really do ruin everything…:triumph:

Thought of another one…

Very simple truck simulator/transport business game. I love this!

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