Modern Total War Game

I fired up Rome 2 in anticipation of the Three Kingdoms game releasing soon, and have forgotten how much fun it can be. It got me thinking about how cool a WW1/WW2:Total War would be.

Is there any game out there that I might have missed that provides this type of grand strategy AND real-time strategy? Company of Heroes series is a great ww2 RTS, and Hearts of Iron seems to be the grand strategy of choice, but is there one out there that combines both?

Back in the day there used to be a great ETO game called DDAY. You moved unit symbols around the map and when battles occurred you fought them out in RTS style. Another version was called the Blue and the Gray which was a American Civil War version.


IIRC there’s a WWI mod for one of the latest Total War.
Shogun 2?
Try to look for it in the Steam Workshop.
(I’d do it but I’m at work)

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Look up graviteam developers. They have excellent ww2 rts games.

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Three Kingdoms? I saw that there was a Total War Britannia coming out - play the Anglo Saxons, Celtics and Vikings…Bernard Cromwell wrote a good series on this history.

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I believe the Britannia version is out already. I think the Chinese 3 Kingdoms comes out in May.

Also checked out the Great War mod for total war on YouTube. Looks pretty cool, but also kind of clunky.

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Yes, I have Britannia. Plays quite a bit differently, but then quite often from one title to the next some significant changes are made. Shogun 2 doesn’t play like Rome 2, and Attila is different from both of those, and so is Britannia. The 3D battle stuff is largely the same, but the strategy side with diplomacy and agents and politics and logistics…very varied.

I’m trying to remember the earliest they have done…one of the addon campaigns in Rome II starts in 280 BC or something I think?

The latest thing they have done chronologically is Fall of the Samurai for Shogun 2, which was mid-19th century, so you have stuff as recent as Civil War-era tech mixed with stuff going back 200 years earlier (because Japan).

I really don’t know how air power would work, though. The game doesn’t seem designed for it. Anything up to the turn of the 20th should work, but starting with WWI air power just changes everything.


That has been the issue with me for RTS games that introduce air power. It just doesn’t feel right. Even Civ III was a bit wonky with helicopters being able to fly for several turns but the fixed wing only one turn.

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Maybe give air units a loiter time for a battle if there are units located within support range of an airfield. A sky map for air only battles? Interesting concept… Most RTS i’ve seen use air power as an off map call for support. That works well for Company of Heroes but it would be strange in a Total War type scenario.

Age of Nations had air power but I think you could turn it off. There was another TS that started as cavemen and went into the future. Some of it was pretty good but with both games, it seemed like you always ended up in the last “age” for the majority of the game. So a game set in a specific period that has air power from the beginning might be a good way to go.

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Forgot about rise of nations, I think it had a game mode where it was a risk type strategy map but you fought in RTS style. As I remember it, the game devolved into a race to get to the late eras. I have fond memories of driving tanks over archers and launching ICBMs into farming villages.

EDIT: this may have been Empire Earth, but either way both where great fun.

I guess CMANO could scratch this itch, but spreadsheet battles don’t really do it for me.

Many RTS games have air power, but turn-based games have it much tougher because of the speed issue.
Total War is turn based aside from the 3D battles so while you could have it come in ala CoH in 3D I don’t know how you’d account for it in the campaign map.

Yeah, I used a lot of nukes in Rise of Nations, but you had that blasted doomsday timer which meant I tended to stick to conventional V2s more.

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For reference here is the DDay game. Lots of nostalgia here.

A big moment of nostalgia, pleas remake this game!

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