Modifying KSAV in X Plane 10

So one of the things I love about X Plane is the easy at which one can modify and/or create stuff. I think everybody knows about the airplane maker that X Plane has had for a while. But I just recently found out about the ability to modify airports.

Its actually very easy. I cant get geotiff images which would be even better. But I can still modify an airport to get some life in it and get it close to R/L.

So KSAV is the closest commercial airport to me. By default KSAV is barren, as seen in this shot…

That little patch of ramp off to the pilots left is the Terminal and gate area.

So with a little ingenuity I placed gates and builings to bring it to life.

Here is the current result…

Ramp area

Like i said nothing special but It brings it to life more than before. I still have to add some taxi lines and lights and then ATC routes but for now I think its a good start.


That’s awesome. I get down to SAV quite frequently. We fly for a pediatric unit down there a lot (we call it the Greenville Shuffle because we go CLT SAV GMU SAV CLT). As a matter of fact, someone just recently released GMU airport: LINK. (I requested the Krispy Kreme donut shop be added to that scenery…LOL).

I used to chat with a controller there at SAV quite frequently that was also a member of SimHQ (I think his alias there was RadarContact). Super nice guy and always fun to hear him on the frequency. I love downtown Savannah - there is a piano bar there that my wife and I got really drunk at a few years back. Good memories.


Those look good.

How do you add to X-Plane - is it through an editor or something more basic than that?

The buildings and jet ways etc. I got from open scenery x or something like that. I’m away from my PC so I can’t verify. The terminal itself I got off of as for editing. You need to download a program called WED. Once you have that you just create a new scenery package and open it up. Then you find and import the specific airport apt data. Once you have that you are free to edit and place stuff. Once down you export it and you have a custom scenary. has a developer blog with step by step instructions. You can even create your own buildings if you had the time and know how.