Monitor issue

Looks like my monitor is going bad.

That white strip along the bottom is several lines. They were not there when I shut the computer off last night. The main reason I think it is the monitor and not the video card is that I took a screenshot of the desktop and those lines were not in the screenshot.


Christmas is only a few weeks away… just sayin :wink:

well not sure it is the monitor either as I can see the win start button?? is that white bar there on desktop?

Here is a picture I took of the monitor screen after the computer had shut down and only the monitor was still on.

That may look like one white bar on the bottom of the screen but it is several small white lines interspaced between several other small lines of the correct monitor colors.

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Here is a screenshot of what the monitor image should look like.

I did a little research after I got back from spending the day at the PoF museum today and the white lines seem to be a common issue.

Amazon review with a video showing the white lines. Text from the review is quoted below.

August 21, 2020

It’s been less than two years since I bought this monitor.

Even though there where things I didn’t like, like the quality of the materials or the type of panel (which I was aware of before buying), it was working just fine. Refresh rate and every other advertised spec could be noticeable when playing a video game.

The bad part started some months ago, when I started noticing a couple of horizontal white lines across the screen. They didn’t look good, but it was hardly noticeable at that point. Then there were more lines, and they would appear and start fading away after some time (like a breathing effect). Sometimes they disappeared and wouldn’t bother during the gaming session.

The problem got a bit worse, since the breathing effect would continue during the whole gaming session. So I realized it could be a refresh issue, so I lowered the refresh rate from 165hz to 144hz. It worked (of course I wasn’t able to go to 165hz again), after some time the same happened, so I had to lower, even more, the refresh rate each time.

Right now it happens even at 60hz. Sometimes they lines disappear, but it’s guaranteed that I will see them many times when playing or even using my computer.

While googling, people say that there’s been a lot of issues with this model and the horizontal lines is a known issue.

I definitely don’t expect a monitor (or any electronic device) to work forever, but I wouldn’t buy a monitor that will only work “properly” for less than two years, much less when it’s as expensive as this monitor is.

It’s definitely a shame, since I used to like Asus products but, unless you are rich, spending money on expensive products that won’t last too much is not an option, better to go for a safe bet. I don’t expect a resolution on this since I’m not from US, but at least I wanted to warn anyone about the risks of buying this product.

Walmart Review:

Do not buy… white line issues even after repairs

Horrible… I had it sent for repairs and same issue came up with the second one… of course it’s past warranty and now I have a useless monitor worth not even the price tag

Review Source


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I have always been a bit of a fan of ASUS hardware, generally good quality (for a premium price) and as Taiwanese company, they offer an alternative.

My current ASUS monitor (VG279QM), might be a bit older than yours but has had small cluster of bright pixels since it was just out of warranty. I can cope with it because it is outside my ‘central’ FOV and is only noticable with a light/white background. I would be a bit ticked off if I were you though…

But as I said. It ain’t too late to get that order in with Santa :wink:

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Considering the monitor was a hand me down upgrade I can’t get too upset over it breaking down. I have had it a couple of years now so it saved me from putting out any cash at the time. Had I purchased it I would be livid about now considering what I have read in the reviews about the lack of reasonably expected warranty service from ASUS though.


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well one last thing is there a reset to factory for the monitor by chance but yes it looks like it is the monitor…