Monster Foundry HOTAS chair mounts

Hi gents. I am thinking about one more deep dive into flight simming but restricted space and difficult ergonomics have always been my biggest challenge rather than PC power. I just dont want to place a HOTAS on the same surface as my monitor any longer and I have to combine it with a racing wheel/shifter setup. I was thrilled, therefore, when I saw this product:

I am wondering if anyone here uses it and, if so, how easy is it to attach to most commonplace office and/or gaming chairs. It seems pretty straightforward, as in this tutorial video:

Finally, I know that the product was reviewed here, but only the table mounts. It’s the chair mounts that make more sense for me.

Thank you!


I have not seen the chair attachments before but I have one of the desk attachments for my flight-stick and it works great! The quality is very good.

Yes, German engineering is usually reliably great. Thank you. I wonder how I can determine whether it will bolt onto my desk chair. It should, it’s a pretty generic office/gaming seat with detachable armrests.

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It looks like there are a few chairs that it supports. There are a couple of PDF files that have the attachment pattern in the (one and two). These look like decently expensive ‘gamer’ chairs. So if you are lucky enough to have on of those, you are in luck. If not, well it’s gonna take some thinkin’.

Taking a look at my office chair (from Staples). It looks like that second PDF file (the one for the DXRacer armrest plate) would fit my chair. It has a 4 bolt pattern that measure (roughly) 32 mm apart and 58 mm apart. The arms on my chair also do a 90 degree turn up from the bottom the the chair (the elbow that comes out from the chair and turns 90 degrees up). I think that is a significant thing to take a look at too.

Best bet would be to print those two PDFs off so that their measurements are accurate, then take a box or piece of cardboard and cut out the pattern and see if it fits.