Monster Tech HOTAS Table Mount. :)

I was telling my wife this morning that I was seriously considering getting a Monster Tech mount for my Warthog stick. Right now I have the stick on my desk’s keyboard tray. It works, but it isn’t ideal. I have a small side table for the throttle unit. The desk itself sits too high to use the stick comfortably, hence the use of the keyboard tray.

I showed her what it looked like and I was promptly told that I should get one for the throttle unit too! So, now I am eagerly awaiting a DHL delivery from Germany!! Hopefully it won’t take too long to get here.


Tsk no links

Looked it up… Those look great.

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You are right, I should have included a link. Fixed now.


Lol I was just being annoying. Sorry.

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Looks good but I already have two keyboard trays hanging off the edge of my desk … but you know what … I could probably plant that joystick holder right in the center! Damn you Rix!!!

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I have a bit of a reputation for getting people to part with their hard earned cash. Just ask Chris (@BeachAV8R) :wink:


[quote=“PaulRix, post:7, topic:4405, full:true”]
I have a bit of a reputation for getting people to part with their hard earned cash.[/quote]

Why do you think I own a Warthog HOTAS? :slightly_smiling_face:

That Monster Tech mount is a good idea, and I’ll use the design to build my own thank you! Looks like a pretty simple build + a wing nut to hold it to the desk.

Wow, this primitive desktop joystick mount turned out great! …

I wanted to keep the base of the joystick on so I can easily put it to the side so I built a desk mount for it. I was going for overall strength so I used some two-by-four lumber for the mount and super strong plywood for the platform. After drilling pilot holes I used 3.5 inch wood screws and glue on all the joints. It turned out so strong that I’d probably demolish my desk if I sat on the joystick platform. :grin:

Time to sand it down and paint it black!


That looks great! Very sturdy too. Nicely done.

Thanks @PaulRix! … and thanks again for the idea!

Painting stuff black makes it better too :slightly_smiling_face: … you can hardly see it now …

Funny thing is the legs on that little keyboard I have on top of the base fit around it perfectly … it basically clips onto it tight! Bonus!

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My best purchase ( well not quite but…)

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Glad you like that “wheelstandpro”! I don’t. Just sayin’. :slight_smile: