MonsterTech Joystick/HOTAS Table Mounts Review

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Mudspike Contributor @PaulRix shares his impressions of his recently acquired MonsterTech Table Brackets. Earlier this year, I upgraded my HOTAS from a Saitek X55 to the Thrustmaster Warthog. Initially I planned to just put the throttle unit and stick side by side on my desk. The problem with that is that the Warthog stick sits…


Great review - thanks @PaulRix! Plus thanks again to @Fridge for herding this one through.

I’m not sure it’ll leave clamp marks on my big and cheap Ikea desk, do you reckon the clamps have a lot of force, i.e. is it spring loaded rather than turn clamps?

Well, my desktop is 1 inch thick. Both of my clamps came preset to that thickness, so I didn’t have to make any adjustments. There is a very thin protective layer under the main part of the clamping surface. When I am not flying sims, I move both the throttle and stick off to the side of my desk, still clamped, just off to the side. So far I see no evidence of either clamp marking the desk.

Here is a closeup photo of the clamping mechanism:

edit: I just messed around with adjusting the clamp. It was very easy to readjust it back to fit my desk correctly.

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+1 review, something I do need and as a Harley rider agree with the set up. My TH WH is up on my gaming laptop desk and not at all comfortable use over long periods, sad really considering how much the stick/throttle is.

Those Monster Tech mounts look pretty solid but I have a feeling when I spin in my chair to get up (I don’t have rollers on my chair), I’ll eventually break the joystick holder off.

I liked the idea though so for anyone on a budget of like $10, there’s always that “primitive technology” :slight_smile: alternative I posted a while back … really easy to make with a 2x4 and a piece of plywood …

The platform floats above my knees and if I do a full throw on my rudder pedals, my left or right knee is just grazing the bottom of the platform (good measurement point). I still love the thing and use a sturdy low side table for my throttle.

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I really like your solution Linebacker. I just know that if I attempted that it would look a mess and probably not work well. I have learned that DIY projects are just not my strong point. My usual M.O used to be:

  1. Spend money on a bunch of parts and materials for my project.
  2. Put it all together as best I could.
  3. Decide that my efforts are not nearly as good as the commercially available product.
  4. Buy commercial product.

Now I just tend to go straight to step 4. For me it actually works out cheaper that way ;).


I just received DHL notification that my MonsterTech mounts will be here Thurs. Pretty pumped up to get them, although I will probably have to remove the armrests off of my beloved Aeron chair. I ordered silver to match the hardware on my Ikea desk. But looking at your photos again makes me question that choice. The black looks really trick. Will post photos when mounted.

Thanks for the great review Paul.

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I hope you like them Dan! The black ones do look good, especially as my desk has a black desktop. I continued the theme with the dark Graphite Crosswind pedals. My PC case is a graphite black, and then there is the Rift. Sometimes it all blends in together though!

chip, didnt you find the two-arms VESA monitor mount?

After trying a few different locations and orientation. I’m definitely at my happy place with the MonsterTech mounts. Initially, I thought that I would have a side mounted stick, knowing that the angle adjustment on the Warthog Joystick mount would change not only the grip angle, but the relationship of the control throws to the aircraft’s various axis. But the side setup never did feel correct, especially in the pitch axis when moving nose up. Pulling the stick aft caused conflict with elbow and chair. And it didn’t feel natural.

So, I moved the stick mount to the middle and rotated the stick counter-clockwise to a natural position. I tried various aircraft and felt that the stick mount needed lowering to a point where it overlaps the dropped leading edge of my Aeron chair. All of the adjustments are easily carried out with 3 different sizes of allen wrench, 4, 5, and 6mm if memory serves.

Then flew some more, and realized that the stick placement was so natural that my brain quickly adjusted for the angle of control throws. I have to say that flying with a center stick is pretty awesome. I had done it IRL taking aerobatic lessons in a Citabria, and later a tailwheel checkout in a Super Decathlon. But, all of my sim time had been with either desk mounted sticks or yokes. Now, I can’t imagine going back.

Yeah, so while the VESA mounts will work, the big clamp would have been right at the point of where I wanted to place my keyboard. The MonsterTech single throw lever clamps make it really easy to move my stick around, compared to releasing and tightening the VESA mount arms or relocating the arm. I have a cutoff wheel to trim the post, and could find a machine shop to make some mounting plates, but I had been really wanting to try some 80/20 profile gear. I’m hooked on it now. Very cool stuff.

Watching the MonsterTech founders YouTube channel, they seem to have a very logical and humorous approach to their current and future products. They seem like good guys, and I’m wishing them well in their enterprise.

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Having the stick slightly rotated really was a non issue. I am glad you like the desk mounts Dan!

Also, something I am seriously considering is a set of their new MFD mounts that are designed to be used with the TM MFD’s. They might be a nice addition for VR. You would have to feel your way around the bezel I guess, but possibly better than using a mouse…

C[quote=“PaulRix, post:11, topic:4813”]
They might be a nice addition for VR.

You are making a really good argument for separating me from some of the family income! Another thing that I am thinking about is Velcroing my trackball on the top of the left mount. Now, it serves as a perfect spot for a 12 oz adult beverage. Must carefully weigh the benefits.

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These are what @PaulRix is referring to:

Which are mighty interesting!

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I have a reputation to maintain you know. :wink:

Regarding the trackball, I have started resting mine on my lap when playing DCS. I am thinking of buying a cheap pilot’s kneeboard from Sporties and velcroing the trackball to that. This would allow you to keep your beverage in it’s current location. :beers:


Andddddd…we’re back.

I’m considering getting these table mounts. However, my current desk has a gradual chamfer at the front. Darn you, ergonomics!

Would anybody be able to check how much the support plate overhangs the vertical piece of the mount? I’m wondering if I have enough flat surface to support this.

When I have my racing wheel set up, I usually use a board, weighed down by my monitor, but I’m not sure I can get a similar setup going here.

Thanks in advance.

I just measured mine…58mm. Could you fashion a small wedge?

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If you use a small plank on the top of the table, the bottom clamp will make it clamp to the table still. You will have to be careful with forces that act towards you and diagonally downwards, but with the right plank it probably works.
I’ve had a slope like that before too.

A plank with a glued on wedge to push back on the table is even better. Add some rubber cover to keep it from sliding.

Meanwhile I have just received the vertical MFD plates with a Streamdeck mount on one side and my 11” display with MFD Cougars mounted on top on the other. (See pic)

Quality stuff once again.
Thinking about getting the mouse plate and keyboard clamp later.


I use the MT chair mounts because every fighter jet should have a swivel seat, and cupholders


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