Mooch, Jell-O, and Hoser at Hook ‘21

An enjoyable chat between former Navy aviators discussing their careers, becoming content creators, and a future collaboration on a DCS Raven One series campaign. Also includes @Baltic_Dragon intel in the form of a photo.


Being Canadian, I love the callsign “Hoser”. :smiley: It’s an old school and wholesome way to call someone a loser, as in the loser of a hockey game would have to hose down the ice rink after the game. :slight_smile: I’m sure that’s not how Kevin Miller got his callsign but its as Canadian as maple syrup.

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Enjoyable YT video.
“Hoser” - Mild pejorative first encountered [by me], originating from the “Great White North” SNL skits, right? Sounds right. I recall that term being slung about oh, early/mid 80’s.

“Hoser” - Denotes a Fighter Pilot highly proficient with the gun, I think.


I had to find out so I listened to the Fighter Pilot Podcast with Kevin “Hoser” Miller. Back in '85 he was flying an A-7 buddy tanker. An F-14 formed up on him for some fuel so he extended the hose out for him but the dang thing extended ALL the way out and fell off his airplane and down to the bottom of the Mediterranean LOL! This happened to him twice in one night ha ha!

EDIT: Fixed my hosehead spelling of Mediterranean. :smiley: BTW, Kevin’s experiences with the hose were due to hydraulic failure. I was in no way trying to call him out as a hoser eh. :slight_smile: The guy is in the 1000 Trap Club for frigs sakes!


I had not watched the video originally and assumed that the “Hoser” in question was the legendary, “Hoser” Satrapa.

This is the kind of Naval Aviator that will never exist again, but thank God we had ‘em! :+1:t2: