More F-35B footage

Hard to believe Aviation Week & Space Technology sent their reporter with an iPhone to record something so awesome…but the footage is still pretty good… (That blue water does make me want to go fishing…) One thing that I found interesting…the Wasp ship appears to barely be making steerage… If you look at around 3:20 in that first video, you can see the area on the water where the exhaust churned up the water, but it isn’t sliding behind the ship at an appreciable pace…


Wonder if they are limited what they could bring aboard to film with?Or maybe their budget is really low :smile:
Anyways, cool vid for sure…

Possibly. From what I gather, this was a real dog and pony PR event. They picked up the reporters in an MV-22 near the Pentagon, flew them 90 minutes out to the LHA off the coast of the Carolinas where they got to see the F-35B in action. So I’m sure there were prohibitions on what they could and could not take… And I’m surely jealous. Hey Marine Corp…my lawn is big enough to land a UH-1Y… (hint hint)


Nice footage considering it is phones.

I was surprised to see the deck crew run under the rear of the moving aircraft here:

Considering those scorch marks on the deck, that looked toasty!