More food questions!

I’m finally going to have me my first true Lobster. Ever.
Anything I should know in advance? Tips for eating? What not to do? Your experiences? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m so curious!

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Try not to eat it while its still alive.


How do I know that?


I’ve never eaten a lobster either! I mean, I’ve had lobster bisque and lobster sauces, and even a lobster roll up in Boston…but I’ve never eaten a proper lobster. I’d have no idea how to start.

Seems like good advice. I’ll endorse this statement.

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Also, you should spice things up, with something like this. I gotta admit I go overboard sometimes!

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I really hope I didn’t owe you a paint job.


We pulled a lot of them out of the ocean diving & snorkling when I lived in South Florida. Dipped in melted butter or mayo is the way to go. Enjoy the delicacy!

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Cool! Thanks!
Would it be ok if I took pictures?
I don’t usually do that for food… but in this case I think it’s understandable.

You can eat just about every part of the lobster except its shell and stomach, but I stick to just the tail, claws, and knuckles. Getting out most of the rest takes a combination of dedication and courage that I just don’t enjoy putting into eating.

You can overcook a lobster, but if it’s your first, you wouldn’t notice. Steam it to prevent a lot of damage.

Plain melted butter should be the only sauce you need. Cream sauces or a lot of lemon just mask the wonderful taste.

Rice pilaf is a good side, especially with some steamed veggies.

Cracking the shell to get the meat or can be a learned skill. Don’t mash the meat!


Note to self. When I invite EP over to the house - let him cook…!

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Time minus 15 minutes to Lobster overload!

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I just hope he finished my skin before that lobster ate him.

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I hope he was eating to this song

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So… sorry for the delay… I took my sweet time with it.

It was a splendid animal. Sweet, tender, savoury, juicy and frigging expensive.

But I wanted it badly and once in my life I had it.
I’m a happy camper.

Thank you all.


Sounds like my wife.

(I really hope she doesn’t read Mudspike)


Well I’m late to the party, but if you do get another one be mindful of the water you boil it in. Last one I had you could taste Tucson tap water running through it :frowning:


I’d be terrified of cook that myself. I made sure to order it at my most favourite restaurant ever.
L’uva e il Malto in Grosseto.

But yeah, I cook at home and I know what you mean.