More retro blasting..

Guess what I was playing today, on Win 10 H64?

Here’s a clue…

Yup - it’s Gunship! :smile:

Didn’t realise it was a WAH-64D, either…

I used to love this thing back in 2000.

Instructions can be found here:

You’ll need dgVoodoo 2.52 - I had an older version, but finding 2.52 was easy enough

Then go and fly it at 1920x1080 with hardware acceleration! (When I tried it without, it crashed every time on pressing “Fly Now”)

Thinking about it, I still have the boxed version. Have to see if that works, too.


Still have the first release version in a big box. Haven’t played it in ages, despite having also bought it some time ago on Steam.

It wasn’t as good as Jane’s Longbow but still fun to take out the targets from CP/G seat.

IIRC they had plans to integrate it with M1 Tank Platoon 2 or upcoming 3 which never happened.

Also the Intro was badass.

I remeber it sucking until they patched an option for a slightly more realistic flight model. Then it was a lot of fun. If you hit a tree gently there was this forgiven-but-warned leaf ruffle sound.

There is no option to assign controls - luckily my ‘retro’ joystick is the Sidewinder Precision Pro, which is this game’s preferred stick (promotion or something) so I’m lucky there. My stick has an old 15 pin joystick plug, but came with an adapter for USB. I was amazed how well it works with the Ka-50 in DCS World.

I actually bought that stick for playing MechWarrior 2 3Dfx - something it was very good for.

Swing that lamp and pull up a sandbag! :slightly_smiling_face:

IIRC the patch addressed the joystick re-bind stuff…
Have you checked Flyboy’s website? EDIT: Sorry not in business anymore…

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I grabbed a load of extra stuff for the game a couple of years ago - including from FlyBoy’s site. I’ll see what it’s like if I can find it :confused:

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Found my disc - no, it won’t work, even on Vista.

I loved Gunship. It was the only helo sim I ever enjoyed.