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Holy Cow! Not new but new to me (2018) RSMapper!!

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Is this somehow different to the Joy2Key? I use it in DCS with great success.

What I’d like to know is are the mappings USB ID independent? In other words, every time I upgrade my controllers, I have to remap everything in DCS (not so in IL2). I think that this is because DCS reads the USB ID or serial number or some value that prevents you from saving a profile to another controller. IL2 has the intelligence to see that you are using a new controller that is similar to your old controller. So it asks you if you want to replace the old on with the new one, which is brilliant.

I wonder if once you build an RS Mapper profile, can you assign it to any similar controller?

I do not know if this answers your question but I copied it off the v .52 readme.

0.35 : Profiles come to RS Mapper
- Introducing a concept of a “Profile” - it is a set of all mapped actions for selected devices.
Starting from version 0.35 you are able to add more than one profile (menu “Profiles → New profile”) and switch between them by clicking profile name in the Profile menu.
Currently selected profile will be marked by a “tick” on the menu and it’s name will be shown in the status bar (bottom of the window).
This feature enables you to store key mappings for multiple games in one file.
- Added option to import previously saved files. Choose “Import” option from the File menu to add profiles saved in the selected file to your current mappings.
This feature enables you to merge couple of files into one. Remember to save the new mapping file after importing!
- Only one instance of RS Mapper can run at a time.
- Refurbished “About” window. Now readme.txt file is also shown there.

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I’ve been playing with RS Mapper the last few days and admit that it has some potential. My only regret is that I would prefer a programable Shift button rather than a Profile switch button, since I use a lot of the former in all of my controller profiles. Still, the benefits may outweigh that negative. I haven’t tried it yet, but some users reporting that if your controllers GUID change, you can open the RS Mapper profile with something like Notepadd++ and edit the GUID to match the new one.

Another cool thing is that since a config can have multiple profiles, it is possible that different aircraft profiles within a configuration file could share the same associated profile for commons that are common between aircraft. For instance, if the Scooter and the Tiger II share the same key bindings for trim, brakes, views, etc, you wouldn’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you are building a new primary profile.

A-4E-C profile
F-5E profile
Shared command profile