Most Anticipated Space Games For 2023


Really looking forward to Starfield. Unless Bethesda have totally lost their mojo, I know I am going to like it.

I will probably get KSP2 as well. But I’m feeling a bit guilty about all the Kerbals I have sacrificed in KSP, all in the name of science!

Obligatory XKCD:



I may also be guilty of loosing a few kerbals … but you have to remember it’s all in the name of science :smiley:that’s what I tell myself when I am adding a stupid amount of solid fuel boosters and praying that I have the eject sequence right … so that I don’t pop the parachutes when I light the first stage


I have it. Really enjoyed it for a little while; grandkids when they were small[er] liked to scream out a countdown then mash he space bar (KSP v1).

Have they implemented more 1st person views; joystick/hotas interface/maybe even VR?

I would imagine insertion/reentry/space walk would be an experience in VR.

Just curious.


Yeah, im cautiously optimistic for it. I know it wont be what they claim it is. I’m convinced of that. But if its fallout in space, meh, I’m ok with that.

I kind of liked “the outer worlds” thats what I’m expecting for this. Me and the wife have decided to keep the bar low with it and anything else is a bonus.


was just wondering yesterday, looking at ED thread, why there isnt mobile version of ED? that could maybe be good platform for such type of games.

does anyone play any mobile space sims?

… you know while we have mobiles with performance surpassing Apollo computers why not to use it for some similar purpose? :slight_smile:


I played one that was free and had about 6 sequels. Was super fun and engaging with great combat, trading and all the good stuff.

I just cannot for the life of me remember what it was or its name. I clearly remember playing it on my nokia N8. So it may of been a while ago.

Ill check the play store and see if it jogs my memory

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Side note: it is now the phone’s charger’s processor that surpasses the Apollo Guidance Computer’s performance. :grinning:


jeez :grin:

hope you find it Vic, let us know


If you have never seen it this is a pretty cool video

Computer for Apollo

These guys repaired one.
Apollo Guidance Computer Part 1: Restoring the computer that put man on the Moon

It’s a 35 part series and they do get the job done. :sunglasses:
Repair Playlist



Smart. I will try to do the same… But if it is Fallout (3) in space I will be one happy chappie.


As Jeremy Clarkson would say… “Powerrrr!”

I have more than a few Kerbals on a one way mission that have passed the heliopause and catching up with their version of Voyager due to reaching solar system escape velocity :grin:


A man of impeccable taste. That one was my fave as well


I played a bit of Eve Echoes when it came out. Basically eve online on the phone.

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