Motorcycle Season 2021

Hi all,
As I have mentioned before, I live in Qatar. Our winter is from October until April. Its a very mild winter by anybody’s standards. So I said all that to say this, our outdoors season is Winter. Summer is cooped up in the house time.
So now that the season is in full swing, a purchase has been made. Its a 2014 Aprilia RSV4 APRC. She used and cost less than half of a new one. And its got 47km on the clock. I hope to get a couple of track days this year.


Oh thats just gorgeous. Well done. I had a go on an early rsv4 and it was fabulous. Great choice.
I had an RSV mille back a few years ago. Great bike but a bit tall for me.

Looks like a solid choice!
47km only? Can’t ask for a better deal than a fresh odometer.

We’re been mild temperature wise over here so I am hoping it holds and I can have an early start to my motorcycle season. My earliest as I recall was a ride in the third week of February.

Carrying over from the 2020 thread, my Versys got some OEM accessories when I took it in for it’s initial service after the break in period - fortunately before our second lock down and a COVID outbreak at the office in December.

However the end of my season was “tainted” when I discovered that the mechanic at the dealership didn’t install the heated grips per the Kawasaki instructions meaning that my right grip does heat - on the bottom, not heating my hand. The above mentioned outbreak and provincial lockdown that followed, plus winter actually starting with snow means I couldn’t take it back to them to have it fixed yet.

The other part was a LED light set, which are mounted below the main beams.

Hoping to ride with friends this season, I upgraded my comms from a Sena 3S-WB to a new Sena 50S.
Bought a two pack and split with a friend as it saved about 12% on cost.

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