Motorcycle Season 2021

Hi all,
As I have mentioned before, I live in Qatar. Our winter is from October until April. Its a very mild winter by anybody’s standards. So I said all that to say this, our outdoors season is Winter. Summer is cooped up in the house time.
So now that the season is in full swing, a purchase has been made. Its a 2014 Aprilia RSV4 APRC. She used and cost less than half of a new one. And its got 47km on the clock. I hope to get a couple of track days this year.


Oh thats just gorgeous. Well done. I had a go on an early rsv4 and it was fabulous. Great choice.
I had an RSV mille back a few years ago. Great bike but a bit tall for me.

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Looks like a solid choice!
47km only? Can’t ask for a better deal than a fresh odometer.

We’re been mild temperature wise over here so I am hoping it holds and I can have an early start to my motorcycle season. My earliest as I recall was a ride in the third week of February.

Carrying over from the 2020 thread, my Versys got some OEM accessories when I took it in for it’s initial service after the break in period - fortunately before our second lock down and a COVID outbreak at the office in December.

However the end of my season was “tainted” when I discovered that the mechanic at the dealership didn’t install the heated grips per the Kawasaki instructions meaning that my right grip does heat - on the bottom, not heating my hand. The above mentioned outbreak and provincial lockdown that followed, plus winter actually starting with snow means I couldn’t take it back to them to have it fixed yet.

The other part was a LED light set, which are mounted below the main beams.

Hoping to ride with friends this season, I upgraded my comms from a Sena 3S-WB to a new Sena 50S.
Bought a two pack and split with a friend as it saved about 12% on cost.


Heck of a day today. Losail is way on the other side of hell for me. But I went to bed early and sober. Woke up with a sping in my step and got there early. Then my battery died… soon as I got there. I met up w a friend and he was all “Dont Worry!!” He got a charger from the track and I was in business. Next came the inspection and my helmet didn’t pass. But again, my friend who works the track said to the Marshall…nudge, nudge, wink, wink and I was in!!!
I made it through the first 20 minutes session intact. Slow but intact. Session went as planned… no issues. Second session was even better and I improved on my dismal time. I was fourth… FROM THE BOTTOM :rofl:
Then on the third and last session my shield popped off as I was putting on my lid. It broke! I was having a time getting it on. Duct tape to the rescue. I managed to go out halfway through the session.
Yay!!! I did it. My last track day was 9 years ago. Today was pure magic. 25C, Dry as … well a desert… its Qatar. And the dealer apologized. They will pick up my Italian temperamental steed and put a new juice box in it free of charge.


Oh, how could I forget. As the event was about to get started this guy came in and dazzled me wit a nice, very eloquent landing. He was Italian. Nice guy too. He was our standby, high speed ambulance for the day. The track is out in the desert…

Its a Lynx


With 5 blades?

Maybe not?

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AW139 I would say

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I thinks we have a winner.

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And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Drumroll please
Disclaimer: Anyone with full leathers and a bit of lean angle looks fast on a racetrack. I’m not.

There under the visor is the biggest grin I’ve had in quite a while.


I am waiting for weather clearance to make a first ride. Mild winter means the warm spell we are getting is melting a good percentage of the snow, not much runs onto the roads. There is also very little salt and sand by comparison to normal, country roads are plowed wider further aiding in keeping the drainage clear.

Checking some of the roads around me there appears to be no noticeable road damage from things like frost heave…yet. We’re still mainly below zero °C, but going above freezing during daylight hours - so the true thaw is still a while away.

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I ride sportbikes and therefor the weather has to be optimal. Qatar spoils me with sunny days in the low to mid 20s every day. Rain is a bit of an occasion around here. Insurance is a joke on my bike. It costs me 150 dollars… a year. You can fill it up with a can of pennies. My SUV costs 22 USD to fill up. Tomorrow is another track day at Losail International. I get to try my new helmet. I’m very excited.

Ive done some trackdays…er Nights at Losail. Its really like daylight on the track. What a lovely piece of asphalt…
Here is my new Bell Isle of Man helmet


Mine costs me £120. $167 dollars.

I’m going to put a 300 ltr tank on it at some point to take advantage of cheaper fuel abroad

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Where? UK? Just found out that gas in the Philipines costs 4 USD a gallon… Cheeze and Quakers!

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Yep uk. Currently the average is £1.25 per litre.

In Qatar a liter cost .33 Euro or 41 Colonial Pennies :blush:

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I could actually make money at that price :laughing:

$1.18 CAD per liter here the other day.

$0.79 USD / Liter or $2.99 USD / US Gallon

(£0.67 / L for @Victork2)

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If you spend a tank of gas a week like I do, that means it cost me less a month than you spend a week on gas.

I’m doing 4-6 tanks a week. It’s so bloody depressing watching my money vanish into the abyss